Babylon 5


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58d 10h 28m
JMS comments about Bryan Cranston in The Long Night are funny. Just that, “Yeah that actor playing Ericsson brought a real sense of presence.” Few other people I hadn’t remembered being around like Brad Dourif, Adrienne Barbeau, Damian London, and a couple others in Thirdspace since I just watched that.


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55d 6h 30m
I mean it does say "Human edition"

But...that could also mean it's for pakmara and it's the human edition...
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I was watching the original she-ra with my niece yesterday and was surprised to see straczynski's name on the credits. I had no idea he was the co-creator and wrote a bunch of he-man episodes as well
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23d 1h 4m
C...can't we all just get along and enjoy all the good space series together? :)

B5, BSG, DS9... all great shows, all had their strong points and shortcomings. All worth watching. :)

Anyway, as for B5, so many good things going on there, especially the characters. Londo and G'kar, what an amazing pair! Vir in his innocence. I loved Garibaldi and his epic character plot line. Bester, Zathras, another two interesting characters, even lovesick Marcus. And Ivanova, what a gal!

Lots I wished they'd have had time to elaborate on. The Technomages are one.
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