Black Mirror

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60d 4h 58m
Mine played out of order I'm pretty sure, because it kept giving me an error when I tried to just play from the main screen.

Striking Vipers - pretty weak, but I IMMEDIATELY thought of fucking when they went into the VR world, and of course, that's where it ended up. The only positive in this episode was that I got to tease my Cleveland fan coworker who still likes LeBron that of course the LeBron looking inventor was the catcher.

Smithereens - interesting enough until you knew where it was going, and then I just sort of felt meh. I mean, it is clearly the most likely to happen in our lifetime, probably already has minus the kidnapping part, but it just didn't feel all that gotcha or creepy or dark or anything that I sort of associate with Black Mirror.

Ashley Too - easily the best of the season for me. I hate Miley Cyrus, but she was good in this, and the young blonde girl has been in a number of movies where she's been superb (The Nice Guys, These Final Hours, and I assume she'll be great in Spider-Man: Far From Home), so all of that helped a lot. I do feel that it was a little "watered down" compared to some of the first Black Mirror episodes, but you could say that about this entire season. Last season too. I dunno, I sort of feel like old Black Mirror would have somehow trapped the aunt in a doll for endless torment or something like that, you know?
Anyway, probably the worst season, but they weren't horrible. They just lacked that *something* that makes Black Mirror what it used to be. Like if Season 1 was a 10 on the fucked up scale, these are like a 2 or 3 at best. I used to describe this show as "Twilight Zone with rape" but now it is just sorta "Twilight Zone lite." Unless I'm just jaded to fucked up shit now?


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71d 4h 58m
not wanting to be a girl and fuck Captain america. what are you all gay?

vipers is ok. Theres a few problems with it. First, cybersex/cheating on your GF/BF in online games is not a new thing. So exploring the idea in a VR world, isn't really exploring any new ground. Hell, even catfishing isn't new. It could have focused more on that element of the actual effects of self identity/trans and shit or something. But instead was just focused purely on adultery. Which again, is not a new thing in online spaces.
the ending then of course is kindof retarded. A cheat day? are you fucking serious? The idea that any woman would be ok with her husband having a cheat day with an ex-gf is ridiculous. I could perhaps see an idea of "modern problems require modern solutions", but nothing about what was presented suggested a unique modern solution was needed. or, if one was, that dude needed a sex change or some shit. Fucking polar bears is not a relationship.

Smithereens is pretty solid. great title. Hits on addictive social media, distracted driving, and a slightly more subtle amount of terrifying profiling/omnipresent big brothering going on in social media companies. "Police: we have his name. Smithereen:"ok we have his name, job, family/friends, entire social media history of him, and everyone hes ever known, a profile, total history of purchases, licences, dead fiance, job history, gps tracking of his entire life for the past 12 months, etc, etc.. " Police:the fuck?"
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27d 18h 42m
The first half of the Falcon Manta episode really resonated with me. Not the VR sex bit but rather the whole 'we don't have time anymore to hang out and really talk so let's make time to game.' Been having to do that more and more of late, especially as everyone starts breeding and getting wrapped up in kids, higher end careers, etc.
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151d 10h 0m
This is fucking terrible, did they forgot what the show was originally about? Did I? What the hell happened? This is some after school special episode of Degrasai level of writing, absolutely boring and pointless. The gay falcon episode was horrid and this topher grace one is also boring as fuck.
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Saor Alba
24d 23h 4m
Disappointing batch of episodes really. While I didn't hate any of them they didn't really shock or appall me in any sense, it was all a bit bland. I do like the continuity in technology across the series as a whole however.
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Ahn'Qiraj Raider
37d 20h 6m
WTF. Its like theyre trying to emulate the new Twilight Zone instead of the classic Twilight Zone.

We went from uploading human consciousnesses into a digital afterlife, or into objects ... to gay cyber in a video game and Facebook as a surveillance and crime fighting tool.



Lord Nagafen Raider
14d 8h 22m
After Bandersnatch meh'ness I wasn't expecting much but this was just bad. All 3 episodes entirely whatever.
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Trakanon Raider
8d 14h 54m
total crap season. if your just going to have a few episodes a season they better be good to great. not total shit


Ssraeszha Raider
92d 14h 42m
I thought smithereens was alright, but honestly it wasn’t really “Black Mirror” to me. Just a decent story with some really good acting by Andrew Scott.

Kissing snakes or whatever was mega retarded, and the Mickey Mouse clubhouse reboot was OK but not even close to what the show has been in the past


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150d 12h 43m
comparatively to pasts seasons, these were all beyond garbage


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26d 18h 45m
The pop-star one and smithereens didn't really feel very black mirror to me. I liked the story of the popstars one even if it was meaningless positive fluff, which is probably deliberate irony. Smithereens but was good, but 'is facebook having total surveilance power bad?' as a theme is not only insultingly trivial and obvious but also horribly overplayed.

The gay cyber one was very black mirror with exploration of plausible and relevant themes and how they change as a result of technology. I didn't like it though, it was too long for what it had, and not enough of it was interesting.
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Musty Nester
96d 13h 37m
I liked the Miley Cyrus one, but it's not an episode of black mirror. Tbh I didn't even recognize her but I knew she looked familiar. And the same for jack.

I was momentarily pissed off that her character claimed to write a ministry song, especially since we had the in story context to attribute it to ministry through the older sister. But Miley Cyrus covered a ministry song, and I chose to be amused by the joke instead.
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Musty Nester
96d 13h 37m
Ah yeah you're right, that might have been a NIN song.

I listened to a lot of Pretty Hate Machine at the same time of Land of Rape and Honey so I got them backwards.

My mistake.
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