Daybreak making new online RPG on UE4.


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With how netcode works in PS2 they aren't going to gain a lot of support there, I was hoping for a new engine or something. I think this will fail.


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Aside Fortnite, BRs are dying. Even their H1Z1 BR is dying, why make another?

Concentrate on making a new PS3, with better netcode and updated engine.


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Planetside 2 is not Battle Royale and it never was, its Territory control (conquest) on a grand scale.
Missing the point. The hardest thing to create / develop in these games is the net code to host/db the players of that scale on a server. All they had to do here was map creation and loot drops. If that takes more than 2 months they are physically retarded.


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I don't know what DBG financial statement looks like. But I am guessing BR games are so profitible so that DBG become the first company to release two different BR games?
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Is this steaming pile of shit not using UE4?
Since UR4 is essiantly free, minus the 5% of revenue going towards Epic, I would just assume they don’t have the manpower available to build a new model.

I’ve worked for companies in deep financial trouble before where the strategy is “hunker down. Make what money we can and just hope someone buys us up”

I don’t know how profitable daybreak is at this point for the investment group to keep investing into a branch that is in the long term going to be hemorrhaging resources.


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they're at least doing well enough to keep pumping out EQ expansions


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Did daybreak manage to take the Ever out of Everquest?

This thing is bullshit.



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First I heard of it too.
The best info I can find with Google, from May 2018:

Rumors of Future Daybreak Projects and the End of EverQuest

Everquest will have one last expansion. The 20th anniversary will introduce a series of nostalgic raids that tie into complex quests. These quests can be done in order to grant alternate characters powerful scaling weapons.

Everquest 2 will also have one last expansion and eventually a similar series of send-off weapon quests and raids.

Everquest 3 has been back in development for a year and is being rebuilt from the ground up. It aims to compete with Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and to be the first fantasy MMORPG to put an emphasis on team battle royal PvP.


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Seems legit...



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It aims to compete with Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and to be the first fantasy MMORPG to put an emphasis on team battle royal PvP.


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Makes me wonder why if they are ending it Daybreak bought in an absolute ton of retarded new mechanics and skills in eq2 and have been using copy/paste assets to make every expansion they ever did. I know partially it's cause they wanted to nickle and dime the player base more with new skills (virtually unobtainable unless you pay). But they've put way more stupid shit into eq2 and they clearly didn't have any creativity in the design department.

Someone should have sat them down when they took over soe and said look let's take 18 months instead of a year to consolidate all the fucking bullshit in this game and make a smaller meaningful expac (mara type), in order make the game more approachable to new players.

The ability bloat was absolutely absurd under SOE and Daybreak just made it 300x worse. You need to literally Einstein some shit before you can approach solo mobs in new zones as there's 400 million different stats all over the place.

Sometimes less is more, anyone on these boards could have told em that.

Whatever their new shit is - i'm not playing it, I don't fancy spending 40 quid for a gun and 2 quid a bullet only to find bloke round the corner paid 50 for his and he can one shot me.


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