Everquest TLP - Aradune and Rizlona Servers (Now with real customer service)


Lord Nagafen Raider
5d 2h 31m
I don't know and don't care what the prevailing opinions are on the official forums. I don't spend any time there unless it's to check out patch notes or some new announcement.

Gotcha. So you come here to make wild claims about information regarding servers you don't even play on. Thank you.


Bronze Baron of the Realm
291d 15h 44m
I play on Aradune. I don't read the official forums. I've played on several prior TLPs. I'm not interested in getting out a measuring stick every time a conversation is taking place and have no desire in driving the conversation in that direction. We're just some people talking about some things.
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Ahn'Qiraj Raider
77d 19h 26m
They can say the same thing about the argument for wanting all these things in the game though, that your argument is fucking stupid. It's just a back and forth. Both sides are just literally doing the same thing and equal amount of complaining the only difference is your opinion. It's like 2 political parties going back and forth at each other on how they think the world should be ran, both equally crying and complaining but calling each other out for crying/complaining without realizing the irony.

Also, I'm on the side of wanting AE's and swarm kiting and all that stuff, and even I think the argument that Yerm, yourself, and many others keep pushing about "just play past omens and you'll have what you want" is fucking stupid. It's more stupid and naïve than the arguments for/against ae'ing. Just shows a complete lack of understanding of so many fundamental things.

The argument of just play past pop is stupid on its face, the undertone is not. Tlps are heavily populated by people who stop playing after pop and argue for the same balance changes each tlp cycle, which are not all that different than what people during pop were asking for. Gates of discord made an effort to address some if the worst of it and I think didba decent job, while oow and don really saw to the bulk of the requests and I absolutely despise that era.

My issue has been for years and years, and remains, that people who only play through pop that demand the same things people demanded back in the day during pop are going to get their tlp cycles made more and more similar to that level 70 era which has all those things. While I do enjoy dz raiding, picks and dzs have absolutely done what I predicted a decade ago and funneled most players into doing just optimal content. Class balance has been steadily shifting in melee favor with a single reversal from a dot revamp; monks are the premier all around dps choice. Its very gradual and its not exact, but, tlps since combine are becoming more and more oow-like each cycle.

So my whole schtick of "if you want omens balancing play omens" is only half serious as a solution, but it is completely serious as a request. People who do not and many NEVER have played the 70 era don't even have perspective on what the game is moving towards. A structured, tons of content you skip or never do twice, melee dominated, and largely free of exploits or gimicks playground that people get bored of and quit. There's good reasons why tlp guilds enter god with a balanced roster and reach sof with all melee dps and a desperate begging need for healers. That era sucks dick for everyone else. The more they make earlier tlp like it, the more earlier tlp eras will suck that same dick.


Lord Nagafen Raider
15d 2h 27m
My question still stands. Do you even play on Aradune in any meaningful way to where you would know the frequency in which suspensions are handed out? Are you in a large guild to where you would be in the know of just how many people in your own guild are being suspended as a reference point? Where is your evidence and sources for the amount of suspensions being handed out?

I run the largest guild on Aradune and one that is the biggest target of mass petitioning from others, and I've had a total of 3 mains suspended all of Luclin that I can recall. 0 Bans. It was a very low frequency in Kunark and Velious as well. I'm actually shocked there isn't more relative to what I've seen in guilds I've been apart of in the past. The only time we saw a large number of suspensions/bans was the first half of Classic. Have you ever thought that maybe the frequency is being over dramatized on the forums and official discord? It's entirely possible that other guilds are seeing a much higher frequency than we are in TEB but I feel like TEB would be a good reference point considering our size and being such a high target for the servers petitions relative to other guilds.

Edit: Just to add, the only thing I've seen have an increased amount of enforcement on is training. It's definitely easier to get a suspension from training on Mangler/Selos/Aradune than it was on the TLP's prior to those. All the other things I've actually seen far less enforcement on, relative to other TLP's I've played on and even far less GM help in regards to quests bugging out/crashed DZ's etc. On Agnarr I actually had a GM make me leave Efreeti camp saying that I had been there too long and to give other people a chance to camp it. Stuff like that would never happen today.
That's because your guild are the karens. They are the ones complaining and playing petition quest. And of course the reason you wouldn't see as many suspension/bans is because of that fact. Quite easy to explain.


Lord Nagafen Raider
5d 2h 31m
That's because your guild are the karens. They are the ones complaining and playing petition quest. And of course the reason you wouldn't see as many suspension/bans is because of that fact. Quite easy to explain.

Never long before the Rampage Loser Tour speaks up.
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Trakanon Raider
26d 22h 16m
You're on to me....

They really did make you move from Efreeti simply because 'you were there too long'? What rule were you breaking? lol /boggle

The random nerfs 20 years later are kind of funny. No doubt the AE one was because what few GMs they have are lazy, and sick of the 100s of petitions that AE groups seem to generate. Something something ZONE DISTRUPTION, same reason for the bard nerf to prevent kiting the whole zone.

What I don't get, is things like nerfing the necro lifetap dot. Used to be able to cast it on something, and it would still heal you over time after the mob died. 20 years on, they nerfed it the same day my Aradune necro got it. My timing is impeccable.


TLP Idealist
27d 2h 38m
Older servers def had more forum drama imho. Lockjaw had a 100 page drama thread on the official forums before it got deleted. Vulak and Fippy had huge QQ threads every time Vox/Nagafen spawned. Warping was basically normal and 9 SKs could insta kill any mob for the first 6 months of the server life.

That said, despite massive and often coordinated petition waves it rarely ever produced GM or Dev action on those servers even when you included hard video evidence, reports and logs etc.

Once Holly caved on instances it really changed the game, there was blood in the water in the sense that people now knew that if they were loud enough they could eventually get their desired changes implemented. Even when devs say “we will never do x” it rings hollow ever since they implemented AoCs like 3 months after Holly said “Casuals don’t deserve to fight Nagafen”.


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5d 7h 4m
The introduction of digital currency has changed all mmo's, probably not for the better. I am still not used to folks who do not play EQ for nostalgia, character development, or guild progression ... instead they treat it like some financial instrument. Camping and storing dropped items for increased krono gain during later expansions ... and then later converting the krono to another digital currency or US dollars.

I support each and every game update that makes the krono/financial playstyle more difficult.

Outside of the game, I would like to see Darkpaw implement stronger KYC, AML policies processes.
(Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering)
Know Your Customer
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Molten Core Raider
4d 20h 52m
IDK man i was heavily involved in RMT back when the game was in PoP originally, I was part of a crew of people that had AoW on lockdown and was farming BoT daily for BPs. Then selling plat for cash on 3rd party sites. The amount of money you could make from RMT back in the day was crazy. BoCs were literally 600$ a piece worth of plat during LDoN.

I've spent years playing on TLP after Krono came out i haven't bought or sold a single one outside of the game itself


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2d 17h 17m
OOW hands down best era of EQ, or maybe its just my fondest memories of monk bug/ghostkill while my guildmates wondered how I had so much anguish gear


Lord Nagafen Raider
5d 2h 31m
They really did make you move from Efreeti simply because 'you were there too long'? What rule were you breaking? lol /boggle

Yeah, Thal was with me when it happened. They originally came claiming i was 6 boxing and we had to show them that Thal and I were only 3 boxing each. I don't know why it would have mattered if i was 6 boxing since that wasn't against the rules. After we proved it was 2 people 3 boxing each they told us to leave efreeti because we had been there too long and needed to share the camp. Funniest part is we weren't even lvl 50 yet. We were actually leveling there so it wasn't like we were just there to farm loot. We were the first group there and they said they had a bunch of petitions coming in about us "hogging the camp".
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14h 28m
Can we just make Agnarr free already. I love that server but I'm not paying for it.....

Why would you not pay for something you love, that makes no sense. Is that not the definition of something that one should pay for?