Folger's Extravagant Swatch Thread


Musty Nester
96d 13h 37m
I don't even remember what he did last time besides for annoy the boss with generating excessive content. Mostly in the form of reports against him, I suspect. I really don't.

That says banned, not shawed.

I mean when they do it to me i'm perfectly willing to take the hint. I'll collect my two slices of pizza and leave. But Foler ain't me. Takes all sorts I guess.


67d 23h 28m
He posted an unspoilered fatal shooting video in a general thread. Gunshot right to the head. Last time he posted a suicide victims brains blown out without a spoiler.
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Tact is my middle name
Yeah, but it was the idiot son that we didn't really like and his room gets used to store empty amazon shipping boxes
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All labs matter!
53d 8h 14m
Well that didn’t last long.

Prolly change thread to “where Folgers goes to die”.


<Bronze Donator>
21d 3h 2m
I think Foler is an 85-112% totally irredeemable classless punk. Who will make the same "mistakes" again and again.
Fuck man that "I ruined Tits for Votes" proclamation was /picard*13245 level of stupid.
I know that's not the only Exhibit for the Prosecution he has going against him/them/shim as well and I've often disliked the fellow, a lot, a whole fucking lot.
He's one of -our- Giant Douches though.
I think July/next Amod cycle is too long of a sentence.
I know my opinion doesn't mean shit Amod Amod but.. It's been 21 years here folks (yes he was a relatively recent acquisition in terms of that time scale) and our numbers are only decreasing. Occasionally one of you shitbirds are great. More frequently you birds are shit but..
Heck, I'd unban Tyen for the 15 minutes or so it'd take him to get banned again and he was the worst thing to ever happen to the forums arguably although we'll always have the Thread where he showed that bitch was in Portland and not wherever she claimed to be..
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