Glass (2019)


Naxxramas 1.0 Raider
1d 22h 45m
Haven't seen Unbreakable in years but recall being surprised halfway through when you realize it's a superhero movie.

Split was good. The creepiness, buildup and premise worked well enough. In the last few minutes when you hear that music and start recognizing where it comes from. That was neatly unexpected.

M Night's only good movies prior to Split were Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. Only ever watched Signs, parts of Yard Monster Pool Lady some shit or other and The Village besides the aforementioned. Not a fan of his but will watch this one.


Vyemm Raider
29d 3h 4m
signs, on paper, was pretty bland and while it had some good moments, the ending was so unrealistic that it ruins the whole thing.

the thing is, signs isn't about aliens invading, it's about God, faith, and demons. the aliens being allergic to water was about demons being allergic to purity. it's a much more interesting story looking at it from that angle, and it makes the story a lot more consistent... but the movie itself doesn't establish that premise enough so it still fails.
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Molten Core Raider
13d 10h 33m
The scene where they are watching the Brazilian birthday party video and the alien strides between two bushes in the background got me. Very spooky film, had a lot of good scenes like that.
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10d 4h 25m
As far as pure film making goes, there are several scenes in Signs that are etched into my memory. There is one when they hold together and climb on a car to try and get some signal from a radio or something that is a stunning moment of pure cinema (it's all about space, the bodies of the actors, the framing and the editing) and one where Gibson's character rushes home and within a single shot, you have some of his family watching TV on a couch in the foreground (facing the spectators), some doing the dishes in the background (facing away from the spectators), and Gibson's character, out of breath, is in the middle, and slowly the family members realize something is wrong and turn toward him. So great. And that's like two of a dozen brilliant scenes (the basement, the door, the home video, etc). Sadly the film story is "God works in mysterious ways"... yay...


Trakanon Raider
12d 15h 39m
In Signs, don't they try to board up a door by nailing 3 boards into the door frame and the door opened away from the boards so the aliens can just open the door then walk under the boards. Movie sucked. So many inconsistent moments.

Gamma Rays

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21d 3h 58m
Yeah that was a huge logic problem. The Aliens being hurt by water.

"Lets be an aggressive and warlike species and travel the universe, landing places and picking fights with who-ever we find . . . oh yeah by the way, we're highly vulnerable to one of the simplest and common substances in universe." Good luck!
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Chairman Meow
46d 7h 40m
If he had to remake it you could probably convince him to change water back to disease. Update it to something specific if you want to obscure the reference. "Vitamin E fucks with their metabolic process".

Vitamin E is basically everywhere in terrestial life. There -can- be trace airborne amounts, and in a sci-fi setting you could assert that it's particular to life on this planet.

It would still be kinda lame, it would still be "all it would take is some sort of protective suit... any kind of protective suit..." but it would be better than water.


Trakanon Raider
13d 22h 5m
Not surprised. The first film was very subtle, the trailers for this looked like it went all in on the superhero stuff and was less about mystery.


Naxxramas 1.0 Raider
104d 1h 55m
I ended up seeing Unbreakable as part of some big family thing and everyone thought it was terrible except me. If you guys saying it's alright that'll be enough for me to go buy a ticket.


Blackwing Lair Raider
8d 22h 19m
There is so much I like about Signs I still enjoy it a lot despite the unfortunate "water kills aliens" aspect. I just pretend there's something else in the water that is actually hurting them.
There is a reason we put fluoride into our water system and it aint cavities!
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88d 21h 6m
Sad to hear

these are critic reviews, they mean shit

same guy that gave glass a 30, gave AIW, a 60

you can ignore all bitch reviews, cuz womyn don't know shit about a movie, and half the reviews they talk about about mknight and the "sequel" aspect (some guy gave this 40 and AIW 70)

another fag gave this 40 and AIW a 40

i mean these are the retards that get to review early, wait until real ppl review this movie