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Aggro didn’t get many cards in the last few expansions thanks to Genn and Baku. Having only 3 classes with death knights is a bad idea.

Going to give it until the ladder reset before I craft anything.

Meanwhile, over in wild
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The Wokest
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55d 7h 39m
This game needs a major tone down in all card power. What was a fun game at the beginning has become a bag of dogshit keeping the last 2 years of cards is fine if they would learn to test the shit. The hunter zuljin shit is just as bad as having a fucking DK card.


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11 wins for token druid w/seagiants, brawling on EU. Only had a single opponent play Hecklebot; my quickest victory.

Most interesting loss was to muckmorpher, big shaman. Looks fun.

Feels like Zilliax is in every game now. :emoji_robot: :emoji_mega::emoji_rainbow:


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I really don't understand why they gave Hunter so many board control tools. Magnetic Poison bot and Spiderbot can just wreck people. That and the summer 5/5 rush Twinspell thing. Secondly, how can they admit that cheating out cards a la cubelock was bad while just shifting the cheat out shit to Mage and Shaman instead?

I don't know what they're thinking.
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marco esquandolas
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42d 21h 45m
I've long thought someone high up in the Blizzard Offices only plays Hunter or some shit. It's ridiculous.


Adrenaline Junkie
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I've long thought someone high up in the Blizzard Offices only plays Hunter or some shit. It's ridiculous.
It must be. By themselves spiderbot and magnetic poison are fine.

Why do you let huntr trigger the spiderbot deathrattle 5x times in the average game with oblivitron, fireworks technician, and nine lives?

Priest has the only similar card with their new 5 drop and they only have a 9 Mana spell to maybe resummon it. Which is fine.

Shit is dumb.

Asshat Xequecal

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48d 3h 9m
Mage just literally killed me on turn 2. Coined out mana addict on turn 1 and then turn 2 dropped sorcerer's apprentice followed by arcane missiles, 5x magic trick, mirror image, elemental invocation, mana cyclone for free, arcane missiles, mirror image, mirror image, shooting star. Technically that was only an attack for 29 but the hero power got me next turn.


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2d 11h 41m
Well, we thought infinite value meta was dead, but it just got worse. I literally just played three Rogue decks featuring Tess, double Academic Espionage, double Togwaggle Scheme, and Tak Nozwhisker. This was at Rank 4. Then there was two Hunter decks based around dropping Vicious Scalehide, Augmented Elekk, and Dire Frenzy in one turn for +6 shuffle in, doing it again for another +6 shuffle in, then dropping Zul'jin to fill up the board and replay the Dire Frenzies for another +6 shuffle in. Warrior is playing 2x Baleful Banker alongside the +10 shuffle legendary to rebuy it twice. No aggro at all, Druid is basically playing what Crystal Core Rogue used to be with being able to flood the board 10 turns in a row, Mage/Shaman are just doing the thing where they cheat in a big minion and copy it 4+ times or make it resummon itself when killed.

No deck does anything relevant before turn 6, everything is just fill hand then vomit 50+ stats onto the board in one turn and/or make sure you can fatigue for 200 turns.
I must say I've actually been enjoying some hearthstone again with this expansion (I played less than a dozen games last expansion).

Infinite value doesn't really bother me, I think I just really hated Frostlich Jaina since it literally turned playing minions into a negative thing. That said, I've been enjoying me some infinite value rogue. I've just always enjoyed rogue, what I enjoy about the get cards from the other class aspect is literally no two games are the same.

Also, that deck you ran into seems a bit excessive, I'm running Tess instead of Tak, one academic espionage, and one togwaggle scheme and I've never come anywhere near running out of cards yet.