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34d 14h 30m
I didn't think much of the "league" before playing a while, but sentinels have kinda grown on me, and the endgame crafting variant is also nice. Not as OP as Harvest, not as tedious as Synthesis, but a good middle ground.

What it is not is a pile of convoluted systems, dialogue and "character building" like Heist, Synthesis or Betrayal, but not every league has to be I guess. Tbh I prefer those complicated leagues for the added flavor, but I'm not gonna flip tables when they run some "cheap" leagues.


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I think the Sentinel part of this patch is actually great. It's not intrusive and you get to target farm a lot of loot and the crafting is interesting and also whitout being intrusive (like harvest).
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42d 22h 59m
wtf i love wisdom scrolls now



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257d 10h 54m
I've tried to start the league a couple of times and I don't know why I just quickly go blah and move on. It's not difficult I know I won't get into using a sent until muhc later and ....


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What 30/30 Sentinel Controller combinations are good? This is what I ended up with, which seems pretty solid.

Curious what others picked.

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Individually reached the same sort of spec since i don't know when, havent looked at it lately. Just had these 2 differences from yours. But i might try some small changes now that i look at it again.



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85d 16h 44m
Individually reached the same sort of spec since i don't know when, havent looked at it lately. Just had these 2 differences from yours. But i might try some small changes now that i look at it again.

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Ok, so I guessed good then. My thinking was that the sent in my config is really slow shooting the beam (so the 2 beam you have is nice), but honestly, does that matter? So long as it gets through the 100 or so thats all I care about. I find that kinda worthless really. I don't care about the chaining, or beams for the stalker. I do think the chance to not use charges is good, but 15% is too low to go so far out of the way for it. 10% rewards is very superior I think. 15% empowered by pandemoniums isn't bad either, but you're really only looking at what.. 7-8 or so extra monsters? That might be better than spawning packs of monsters, but if the spawned packs are like normal and inherit all the mods and shit of the map i think thats a bigger positive but i dunno.

Edit: Slight change, removed the 8% dupe sentinel node. I'm swimming in these things already. Added Sent rewards, for more recombobulators. I don't know however, if this overrides something else such as if it was going to be a div card, but now will be a sent award, or what.

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122d 9h 37m
At I think 8 or 9 raw ex from just alch and go 0 fragment maps due to currency Redbois. They're absolutely ridiculous. Not uncommon to get 2-4 packs of 3x chaos in one map from them either. Get currency, get mob count, and quant and then breed those motherfuckers like there's a 4H ribbon coming.

Honestly more loot in this league if you're capable of handling Sentinel shit in big maps than even the previous couple RIDICULOUS leagues (Ultimatum, Expedition, Ritual).


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49d 2h 36m
Can somebody tell me what this shield is around the mob name? It would just go inactive but I couldn't do any damage until it was gone. These were Expedition mobs.



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107d 21h 16m
Looks like invulnerable mod. I read they changed it to only working on mobs around it like the old "allies cannot be killed" mod.

But i think it's a bug because i ran into the same shit and they just randomly take damage, id shoot em for a good minute straight and never die, so who knows.

Sometimes even when they lowered their shield they were still invulnerable.


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122d 9h 37m
That's ward. It means it takes one big hit up to X amount then disappears. Then takes ~4 seconds to regen if not being hit (iirc). If they get max block and shit with that they can become very hard to kill.

Meanwhile in crafting news:


Fucking 40% dps increase on my already 25m dps build. Just need to get them enchanted. I imagine the dex version are going to be bananas expensive.