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177d 20h 53m
Matthew Cremona (the woodworker) has been building a 40x72 post building for about a month, it is up to 16 parts now
his building is pretty much done, he says before the breakdown, $170k, then lists about another $20k to go, then at the end will probably be over $200k.



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67d 12h 15m
Alright, I'll put myself out there a little bit. Cribs, rural AR style. This is a 60x40 that the previous owner built. 14' side walls, 18' peak. He ran a business out of it for a decade or more. It's not a perfect setup for how I'll use it, but nothing is ever really perfect. These pictures will hopefully give you all ideas what you can do with your spaces. The next thing I'm doing is getting a batting cage in here. The open area is roughly 42' and change lengthwise, and the "loft area" makes up the rest of the length of the building. Storage underneath, with a handy nook for scrap lumber.

The front office had a large wall mount A/C that was busted. I had a left over window mount A/C, so I pulled it, sheet rocked the opening, and simply covered up the opening on the exterior.

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A friend of mine who is a former Marine got a job offer to work from home a few years ago through his previous connections. He told them he can't take the offer because his wife and kids would drive him crazy. They offered to build him a smallish barn/office in his backyard kinda like this and he took it.