Rainbow Six Siege


Lord Nagafen Raider
1d 22h 12m
holy fuck that looks awesome, what is this swat 4 you speak of, and is it for pc?

I will eat asshole for this beta/alpha


Vyemm Raider
I want another R6 game that is a [single player] realistic tactical shooter, like Rogue Spear and Raven Shield.

There is single player content in the closed beta, but I doubt it will even be as good as Vegas/Vegas 2.


Blackwing Lair Raider
9d 1h 19m
I used to play Rainbow Six on MSN Gaming Zone. Game was so fucking badass. That was before you could actually see your gun in first person lol.

I also played Rogue Spear and some Vegas 2 so I have been waiting for a new r6. Swat 4 was fucking awesome though I sunk so many hours into that game. I used to love pepper spraying people and arresting them they would get sooo pissed and usually rage. If they complained about t I would switch to beanbag shotgun and arrest...lol. 9mm handgun in that game might have been the smoothest, deadliest weapon I have ever used in a 1st person shooter.


<Bronze Donator>
6d 5h 5m
Looks like a better version of SWAT 4 and I loved that game.
Went back and finally torrented SWAT 4 earlier this year and played the single player campaign. Fucking loved every second of it, such a unique game. Showed how good of a studio Irrational Games was. Well worth a download and a play.

In beta for Siege, waiting to get a game, shit is taking forever. Haven't played a R6 game since Raven-shield, and played that religiously when it first came out. Hope this holds up.


Toe Sucker
18d 9h 14m
Man.. i wanted R6:Vegas, this game is like call of duty at a snails pace

Immediate thoughts of the beta = not really a huge fan yet, maybe i'll try the xbox one version to see if it plays better on a console since my gpu doesn't seem to be good enough to really play this lol


<Bronze Donator>
6d 5h 5m
Hate to be a Debbie Downer, but definitely didn't enjoy what I have played so far. Game moves extremely slow, this coming from a fan of tactical games. Definitely not enough variety, but hopefully that's just beta. Simply, game plays fairly boring right now. Guess I'll see if it grows on me.


Less Valuable Than A Visitor
Yea after watching the video the mission planning seems to be gone? Not sure if want CoD:R6...


FPS noob
23d 12h 40m
game is a giant turd. can't even play right now but when i did try it on PS4 and PC it rarely matchmaked, crashed a lot on PC, and the matches were super boring. it also is p2p netcode so pretty awful in every way

you can get free codes for pc/xbox/ps4 straight from amazon, no preorder shenanigans just pay $0 for it here
Amazon.com: Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege (Beta) - [Uplay Code]: Video Games

its on uplay on pc, download size is around 7g i think


Vyemm Raider
Terrohunt is available now in the beta, for those who wanted to try out the single player/coop stuff. That's all I'm interested in, but without any sort of campaign I'm sure there's no possible way that mode alone will justify a purchase.