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45d 19h 20m
Its a shame the high end was not more engaging because the class quests were really great for an MMO. The planet quest chains were from meh to really good as well. All of the main quests gave you reasons and story to do the kill and fetch quests and worked towards good lore stuff.

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27d 23h 19m
I played Agent on launch, went Sniper, once you get SCORPIO you can do anything, even some elite areas completely solo. The companion story lines were also very engaging and interesting, so I would suggest going down that rabbit hole.

The main reason I quit back in the day is due to the nurf to level 40 dungeon credit drops. Could solo clear in a few minutes and rack up shit tons of credits, meaning I could buy the best crystals with ease. Well, that and the completely fucking broken mechanics of the heroic raids pissing off my entire guild, then having nothing to fucking do after. We mostly had all of our booster codex things (items that gave a permanent +1 stat, including the rainbow one +1 to all stats that was insane to get to), so after wiping to the rancor due to shifty LOS issues, or getting obliterated by the shitty laser robots on the way to the next boss... Oh right and I also went grey before they made that a thing, which meant I lost out on the benefits of being light or dark side.

I played through Sniper, Jedi Guardian (?), Sith Assassin and Bounty Hunter quest lines. Imperial Agent was by far the best, with Assassin close behind. The Jedi quest line sucked donkey dick, especially if you went dark, where everyone's like "you're kind of an asshole, but could you help us do X?"...no, fuck off, lol.
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14d 9h 20m
I played at launch (even had the Collectors Edition...I wonder if the Malgus statue is worth anything? lol). I had a lot of fun out of it and this was the first MMO I ever played where I tried a tank class (Sith Assassin). I ended up liking it and it drove me to eventually go Brewmaster in WoW when they released monks.

I never played past vanilla, though. PUGs were pretty rough in this game and it became really hard to find raid groups and there wasn't really anything to do at high level besides that, plus I vaguely remembering them nerfing assassin and making tanking a pain in the ass. They also nerfed the AOE force knockback so it just knocked them on the ground or something? That was the last straw...the most fun I had in this game was force pushing/knocking people or NPCs into bottomless pits lol

The last thing I remember doing in the game was the zombie plague invasion thing and I bought one of those black/green lightsaber crystals. My companions were pimped out in high level gear, though. The imperial healer guy companion could pocket heal me when soloing stuff and the Ashoka clone was good DPS when you got her tricked out.
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The throne expansions story stuff is pretty good and worth checking out if you liked the class stories.

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24d 20h 37m
I loved the Eternal Empire/Throne stuff. I think I was in the minority though for having loved the combining of the Sith and Republic against a common enemy. When Disney threw this out as anything close to canon, I thought it gave the devs carte blanche to do whatever they wanted and I liked where they were going with it. Then the first story expansion after the Eternal Empire stuff they immediately split the factions back up and I bailed. Haven't played any of the traitor stuff.


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30d 17h 20m
The game is enjoyable if you approach as a single player game. If you go in looking for a deep MMO experience you'll be disappointed, but as single player game, it's fairly decent.
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12d 20h 7m
We played pretty hardcore as an 8m op guild running two runs weekly until Terror from Beyond. I could never get past how jerky the game felt compared to wow.

I played half the eternal throne stuff then quit a few years back. Maybe I’ll go back and finish it.

Did have an epic moment against Soa one time when the platform was about to drop. Way across. Running. Just as it’s about to fall I used Jugg intercept to leap at last second. I felt like a real fucking Sith Lord. Always played tank in every game.

I too have the collector’s edition. It’s a big damn box.
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24d 14h 28m
The game is enjoyable if you approach as a single player game. If you go in looking for a deep MMO experience you'll be disappointed, but as single player game, it's fairly decent.
This. It can be fun to play casually with a friend/friends too. The female variety if applicable can make it entertaining choosing all the asshole dialogue options (esp during the sith warrior quests) and if they are the flowery type, I've heard some pretty entertaining reactions.


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25d 7h 50m
If they would have just made this game a single player game from the beginning, it probably would have been one of my favourite games of all time. Mass Effect 1 & Mass Effect 2 were really fucking good. This could have just been a better verison of that, with 8 unique storylines. It would have a ton of replay-ability. Pretty much every "mmo" aspect of this game absolutely sucks, but they did a great job with the quests & storylines.

Oh well.
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21d 19h 10m
I'll echo the class story shit leveling 1-50 was amazing. Disagree on the single player suggestion though, leveling 1-50 with a consistent group of 4 was pretty goddamn fun and amazing. I played Agent so I had the best story, too. The only downside was we had 2 inquis as range dps/heals, and another as assassin so we did their story 3 times along the way. Cruising around Nar Shadda was fun shit when you first were able to buy speeders and what not. There was a lot of little stuff that made the game fun during the leveling up process...little side areas no one else seemed to know about, named heroic mobs on Voss and some of the other high level zones that dropped orange customizable loot with good mods that we were able to send out as upgrades for other guildies leveling up. Game just kinda died at cap, though.

The loss of the class stories really hurt it going forward. While first expansion did have huge planet to explore, the faction stories weren't nearly as good, Rishi/Yavin expansion was all right, but they teased you with continuation of class story and it was just a one off that I wouldn't even call a full mission. The Eternal Empire shit was an interesting idea, and played the shit out of the first 9 chapters or so on release of it for 2 days, but not much to do after that, and while the story was semi-engaging, it was fairly predictable. Also hated combining the factions and basically losing the old companion system and gaining so many random new companions you didn't give a fuck about.

Just so much wasted space in the game overall, some planets had good "planet story" missions, but the class stories were always the main selling point. So many good bits of Star Wars, but never enough to really give you the full feel. The engine probably held the game back the most, though. Oh well, at least I got to play through all 8 class stories when they were running the 12x exp shit, those were fun at least.


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2d 16h 22m
I rushed to cap like I'm sure a lot of others here then quit probably a week later after seeing the first raid. Was a shame leveling really was fun and the game had mega hype.


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8d 11h 8m
I had a friend who wanted to go really dark in starwars so I had him try BH in swtor. He got to that quest and was like holy shit okay thats pretty dark. But hell if the kid wants to become a sith he better get used to seeing peoples head in a bag.


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12d 20h 7m
Damn. I played mine light/gray. My Sith Jugg was mostly dark except the dumb dark decisions that didn’t make military sense. There was one quest where the dark side choice was to kill the competent commander. Fuck that. I think there was an ass kiss commander in that part you couldn’t kill.