Thanksgiving - Ham > Turkey


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57d 16h 17m
Damn lol. My entire family is only like 10 people so it was just the prime rib. We had a turkey or a ham with it a couple times.
Growing up if everyone came we were easily 30+ people for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nowadays it's about 20. Lol still a lot. It would be crazier if some family hadn't spread out across the U.S.
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Chairman Meow
34d 1h 10m
And turkey doesn't keep as well as ham even if it is well cooked the first day it dries out a lot faster. You get better mileage out of the ham.
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Molten Core Raider
12d 12h 28m
My family always did a ham and a turkey. I hate ham though. Honestly my favorite part about turkey is not eating it hot out of the oven - well aside from maybe the drumsticks. I like turkey sandwiches and then taking the turkey carcass and making turkey soup. God damn is turkey soup good.


Honk Honk 👌
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69d 21h 52m
Did both a ham and turkey yesterday.

I've been spatchcocking the turkey for the past few years, so the breast meat doesn't overcook and it really moist.

Ham is just a homemade glaze with orange juice, brownsugar, honey, soy sauce, and cloves.

Both were outstanding, thought the true winner every year is the gravy which I estimate has about 103958585calroies per tbsp.