The Fast Food Thread


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125d 2h 42m
These are legit.



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123d 1h 2m
I tried KFC today for the very first time. Fries the meh, burger was shit (I only liked the sauce), the wrap or whatever it's called was ok, chicken bits were actually good. Next time I'm only gonna get the chicken.
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64d 9h 15m
I didn't eat dinner last night and woke up famished this morning. Hit up Chick FIL a first for
- chicken burrito meal
- chicken biscuit meal

I really like the chicken breakfast burrito. I got it by mistake once and it's become one of my breakfast go tos now.

Then I went over to McDs and got
- bacon egg and cheese biscuit meal
- 2xsausage burrito meal

I'm really torn on the tater tots vs. hash brown. I've always preferred the McDs hash browns, but this morning having tater tots and hash brown back to back, Ive got to say the Chick FIL a hash browns really held their own.

Still nothing beats the bacon egg and cheese biscuit. That will remain my superior breakfast item forever.


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153d 3h 52m
yeah that kind of tartar sauce is some absolute garbage. I always get this stuff from the store to put on fast food fish, unless it's popeyes, in which case their tartar sauce is actually the best. So good I even use it for the dipping sauce on their chicken tenders.


Louisiana Tartar sauce or Beaver Seafood sauce are the only legit choices.