The Mr. Sox.exe is broken and waiting on a patch thread - or TMSIBAWOAPT for short


Tranny Chaser
106d 6h 0m
A couple people have left the team at VR after the money drop announcement. One was from HR. Why do people leave the team after rains come after the drought.

Nda aren't enforceable in California without payment. They had said that Steve had been involved with the team but behind the scenes. Never In print. It's ok to make vanguard 2.0 I guess

When is Jeff gonna make appearance now. Honestly it would be nice if the team came together for Brad after he helped them get their start in the industry.

Pre alpha Date delayed on massively September 27 looming

I knew something was up when they announced clover. They sent in the fireman to put Kyle's network fire. My feeling is with the art assets and their tailored script code. It caused bugs in the system to shoot out.with unity

Unity is not good for MMOs for the reason. If can run all unity everything good but slow. They sacrificed the network before performance.

One programmer to do everything. They didn't want to share the special code with everyone.. everyone is using URE 5 now more eyes on it for code crunchers for performance. They wanted to do all the special things and broke the code. Good luck finding all the errors with unsupported network code. This is why people moved away from unity. Ben is no longer on the board.


Just Wait until the podcast.

It's content.

You're correct soy but society teaches to conform in public or face the pain.

You heard these pantheon news weekly joppacasts until pa releases.they are going to milk it for money and all it is worth for people to be let down. It's under nda which is ibullshit. Don't believe the hype. Save your Money when it's more stable. Once sign up no refunds cause it is a cash grab.

Joppacast every week until launch.


82d 18h 16m
I know for a fact that Steve will not put up with this, hes a true gamer

Riott has the answers


Macho Ma'am
138d 17h 28m
He probably doesn't know the way the forum works and that he can only post here.

The warnings indicate March 2023 at the earliest, I believe.
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