The New Mutants (2019)


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3d 7h 21m
I couldn't remember if I had watched this until I clicked on the thread. I don't regret watching it, but it was pretty forgettable.
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The lad himself
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41d 5h 19m
That was surprisingly not too bad. Probably helped that its only 1.5 hours long. The fight scene with Magik and Lockheed powered up was pretty awesome.
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60d 14h 14m
Couldnt finish, the teenage drama was too much. Had potential but not enough to push through.
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96d 19h 0m
This was a really odd film - it's like they couldn't nail the tone of the movie so they were sort of half-in half-out with the horror/teen drama aspects. They should have gone all in on the scary shit, or made it more light hearted and fun. Either way, it's not unwatchable but it's far from good.
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90d 4h 31m
got to this. ooph its bad. not even funny bad. just boring and sad.

the horrible Russian accent. ha.
no tension. No uncertainty on whats happening. the shitty video text stuff that was almost certainly added in editing, and not part of the original..

90% of the movie is just introducing the characters practically. we get really short flashbacks to each's trauma, that goes nowhere..

This needed to be a horror movie, and isn't.
We are basically told immediately its Moonstars powers. yet, like the characters in the world don't figure it out. its retarded. "monitoring psychic powers from moonstar". "what are you powers? idk?" Why would you put giant text, telling us whats happening? That shit was clearly studio in editing. As again, the characters act like they are still trying to figure it out.

They should have given us some bullshit to make us think it might be ghosts. Had Wolfsbane talking some Christian demons and shit talk. And of course faked us out with Illyana and her connections with demons. "I dragged myself out of hell, and they are trying to bring me back."

The whole deal with only 1 person working at this facility... what? who cooks, delivers food, etc.. Could have had the doctor, and even just a few orderlies, etc. Rando's who could have stood as bodies to kill off, to sell the threat more. as well as act creepy themselves.

I wonder what this shit was supposed to be.
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231d 7h 30m
It's really kind of surprising that there's even a few positive reviews of this here. Had a friend that hadn't seen it yet and we put it on and a 2nd attempt at it did not improve it. This movie is bad.


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106d 11h 38m
Yeah this movie sucked, Marvel needs to get their shit together for X-men (or fox, or whoever currently controls the rights)


I think your wife's a bigfoot gus.
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48d 23h 22m
Yeah this movie sucked, Marvel needs to get their shit together for X-men (or fox, or whoever currently controls the rights)
Disney has it all now, as we wait to see how mutants are properly induced into the MCU.


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23d 22h 17m
F4 and X-Men need saved so bad. Please Marvel dont make them be terrible.