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The problem with proving conspiracies is the assumed level of proof and the quality of the proof that is needed. If I say that white replacement is not only happening but it's proven. Now my jumping off point for proof might be.

And then I start showing the positions the people in the weather underground now hold. I'm thinking I've shown they believe something, and now they are trying to manifest those goals. The cynic will simply say that isn't proof and of course they are right. The real problem is defining what constitutes proof.

Before Trump's election let's say I argued that there is an elite group of pedophiles that are being controlled via blackmail and they are working towards normalizing their sexuality so they aren't being controlled any more. Here we are years later I'm taking to the same guy. I bring up Epstein and his two court cases, his isle, Maxwell, the fight logs, the renaming of pedophilia to minor attracted person's. Testimony from victims, most of which have mental issues for obvious reasons.

And then ask them if they now agree that it's a problem. Since I never asked what constitutes proof the out is it's just a few powerful men and women not some vast conspiracy. It's why this stuff falls.
This is a good post.

2016 onward has helped move that "level of proof" needed, I believe, and that's good. People still have a ton of "Liberal priors" (not that all Liberalism as a philosophy is bad) though, and it's hard to shed those. I think people are starting to gravitate more and more to a revisionist view of history, though, because it's obvious to what degree this Global Elite class will go to obfuscate the truth. Now on the flip-side, just blatantly following revisionist views, because they're revisionist can be detrimental.

At minimum, I don't know how anyone can pay some level of attention to American culture and politics the last seven years and not strongly question our institutions.

Back to Sandy Hook... Was it a FEMA practice drill to ramp up gun control efforts? Was it a disaster, taken advantage of by the Feds? Sandy Hook is weird FoHbros. Why not release some footage of Lanza entering the area?


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My conspiracy theory threatens national security. Speaking clearly? You ass holes ain’t hearing me!


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9/11 was an inside job.

Probably. Just happened to play into everything the US government was already planning to do, and they memory-holed Building 7 instead of explaining it. Start pulling that thread and the whole thing has a ton of question marks.


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May as well contribute to this again. Here's one that skirts that line. Easily believable but how do you prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.
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