The Red Letter Media Appreciation Thread


Mr. Poopybutthole
85d 18h 57m
I may actually watch this now. Their responses are better overall than "meh" and I do like Star Wars in general. The power creep commentary is always good though. It's very inconsistent in basically everything outside the video games, and even those are all over the place. Very valid complaint.

Also I take back when I have said a dozen or so posts ago - Rich Evans isn't losing weight, he's just losing non-gut mass. Mike is getting randomly tan though, in Wisconsin? Dubbya Tee Eff.
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Golden Baronet of the Realm
130d 2h 42m
I think the Marvel movies or Picard broke them or something. These kenobi reviews are bafflingly contradictory to much of their older views.

Maybe something about starwars, they were bizarrely wrong about Rogue one as well. It had flaws sure. But their entire complaint was "nostalgia bait", for the one fucking nuStarwars movie that WASN'T nostalgia bait. the only one that did something different.


36d 18h 17m
And they were putting the blame regarding inconsistencies on the OT, when it were the prequels who fucked everything about the force, lightsabers, mythos.


Mr. Poopybutthole
223d 3h 28m
My guess: Mr. Plinkett isn't super old, and it was Glembezza all along.


FPS noob
just catching up to RLM videos while i play stuff and this one really had me howling, you can totally get Mike and Rich love everything about some random indian immigrant making movies but is absolutely terrible at every part of it

never ever heard of this movie before this either, its amazing how many of these kind of "1 dude with a really small amount of money makes a movie" things there are every year


Trakanon Raider
61d 13h 14m
Almost always violence with their videos, I don't recall if they sufficiently blurred out some of the predator's dismemberments.


Tranny Chaser
424d 6h 31m
They spend a bunch of time hating on anti-woke, anti-Mary Sue comments. After their weak-ass Kenobi BS, RLM teetering on the edge.

What, you didn't like it when they went over the ethnic heritage of the lead or when Mike read negative reviews? I'm bored with the Captain Marvel / Teela / Rey characters, I'm bored hearing people complaining about them and I'm bored hearing people complain about those people that were complaining. This whole fucking phase of pop culture needs to die a death and we all need to collectively move on.
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Millie's Staff Member
Its best to just nope out of seeing the woke crap, but i enjoy shitting on this stuff too. Especially when it tanks and then they start blaming the fans for not liking or paying to see their trash. Thafs a lot of ownage there.
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