The "Shit I just bought" thread


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29d 2h 16m
People have been telling me great things about weighted blankets, so I'm going to give this one a try (has a $20 off coupon you can clip!)



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106d 13h 35m
People have been telling me great things about weighted blankets, so I'm going to give this one a try (has a $20 off coupon you can clip!)

i gave one to my wife, she liked it for a month or two then got tired of it.

if you or the wife are gonna use it, you have to get the proper weight btw.


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10d 13h 23m
For everyday use. Varifocal glasses.
Probably belongs in the "you know you're getting old" but I forgot if I posted there already. Might post a pic once I get them.


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I'm the guy that doesn't wear his seatbelt. So I snagged 4 of these.

Holy fuck are you retarded.

I was in Italy two weeks ago visiting my girlfriend friend and her friends bf. Her friends bf is an Italian lawyer. Dude doesn't wear a seatbelt. It about blew my fucking mind. I think my problem was my preconceived notion of a lawyers intelligence coming from the U.S.

Italians are fucking retards.


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68d 20h 43m
Wearing a seatbelt is like the lowest effort to highest reward thing you can do. Dying in a car wreck is like the number one unnatural cause of death in America(and like #3 overall). I'll never understand people who don't wear them, but I see it all the time in south Florida.


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106d 13h 35m
I know. I know.

I have this crazy ass fear of dying in a fire or drowning when my car goes in a lake or some shit. It's dumb. I know.

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i bought this two pack for like 7bucks

KOLTGOO Car Safety Hammer Emergency Escape Tool Life Saving Survival Kit 2 Pack Fluorescent Color Car Window Glass Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter

it replaced the old red ones i, and usually they have the seatbelt cutter at the end

i think it might be an easy way to get cut, so the yellow ones are not only longer for more leverage, the seatbelt cover is where the hand is at, i double stick to the driver side of the door (down low where ppl usually put junk), handle up.

i also have auto rated fire extinquisers (they need to be able to handle all kinds of fires)

First Alert Fire Extinguisher | Car Fire Extinguisher, Red, AUTO5

i put this on the passenger seat where you adjust the seat sliding in out. it maybe makes a really heavy passenger uncomfortable, but fuck it putting a fire extinquisher in the trunk is just as stoopid, you want ready access to it, if you're stuck in the front seat, OR if some one rear ends you and your trunk is disabled.

i also have a barbie baseball metal bat under the passenger seat, again you don't want to confront someone and go "lemme go beep beep and open the trunk to fuck your shit up". Nope, gotta have ready access to it

why barbie? well it's not really a weapon if it's a girls toy right? it's still a metal fucking bat and will fuck shit up.

of course in my trunk i also have a small go bag with minor survival clothes bars and waterbottles, a separate first aid kit and a separate maintenance bag.

actually Menards had a cool sale this week, a bag of wrenches for 2bucks after rebate, i picked up 2 for both cars

i don't have a full mechanics set for either, just 1 adjustable wrench and a gator socket.

Instead of just not wearing your seat belt, be prepared instead.
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20d 18h 55m
My dad always refused to wear a seat belt and it wasn't because he was afraid of being trapped in the car either. Never really understood it.

Seems like you could replace both the window breaker and the baseball bat with a 25 oz framing hammer. Don't think it's not a weapon, you can literally kill someone with one whack to the head with this thing. I've seen it happen to a deer with a much smaller hammer than this one. $7.99 at Harbor Freight and when you're not saving your life, you can actually use it to drive nails.



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35d 23h 9m
Engage a dude with a hammer, might get cut.

Engage a dude with a baseball bat, might get cut, but you'll hit a home run.


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10d 7h 37m
I'm the guy that doesn't wear his seatbelt. So I snagged 4 of these.

If you're gonna do that go all-in and get the ones that have a bottle opener.

Side Story: Many years ago I dated a girl who was from rural upstate New York. (catskills area) I went up to spend new years with her. One night we went out with her parents, and grandmother. We get in the back of their car and I start putting my seatbelt on, and she asks why I'm doing that, "You don't need to if you're in the back in NY." I explain that I do it for safety, not because of the law and she went on to insinuate that I was less of a man because of it. Her family already thought I was some college rich boy from CT compared to their rural country living. It didn't work out.

The great irony of all this was her Dad was a fire chief, and I guess in her younger years she had gone along to a lot of emergency calls and as a result was super nervous about car accidents. She was super on edge when I drove, and she drove like an old lady. But ya know, back seat immunity.
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34d 21h 20m
I have tickets for Doug Stanhope in December. We need more comedy out here. Island comics just don't cut it. You need cynicism in your life to be funny. Waking up to a beautiful day every day just doesn't breed a sense of humor.


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10d 15h 36m
I'm the guy that doesn't wear his seatbelt. So I snagged 4 of these.

Being thrown from a vehicle increases your mortality rate for that accident by 200%. This is one of those things where you will die and it will hurt the whole fucking time.
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