The What Makes America Great thread


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We have a bunch of American Patriots on this forum and I thought it would be worthwhile just to come together and celebrate why America is the best country in the world.

Obviously there's freedom of speech and all the big ones but share some of the small things too that you think makes America great.

Some reasons why I think America is great:
1. Convenience, out of everywhere I've been no other country has the luxury of consumer convenience we have. If I want just about anything I can get it in under 15 minutes.
2. Guns and barbecue. Guns are awesome and America by far has the best barbecue in the world. Couple the two together and you have an amazing day of activity that any American loving Patriot would enjoy.
3. Freedom of speech. This one is obvious but I think it's worth pointing out due to other "Western" countries beginning to suppress speech.