Vyemm Raider
70d 48m
The Hot Tub shit didn't bother me, but wearing lingerie in bed and faking dick sucking sounds is pretty gross. I'm fairly certain they're gonna get booped.


Bronze Baronet of the Realm
127d 22h 19m
LOL nice! I honestly can't believe anyone finds Amouranth hot enough to donate their life savings too. Alinity I can see, but not her. She's pretty average.
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I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.
64d 21h 33m
I don't think Twitch gives a shit about the actual content of character here, as we've all seen with what they allow. But those pretend dick-sucking ass-up streams were getting up to 20k viewers, it was probably getting too high profile was bad for PR, so they get jabbed with the 2 day suspension to make it look like Twitch has standards.


Ahn'Qiraj Raider
36d 7h 17m
They took the hot tub meta where they sat on bananas or pickles while purposefully jutting their ass out in a thong and somehow found a way to make the next thing even more overtly sexual than that while keeping it technically PG-13. At least one of them is self-aware and can make a joke about it. But I also think this shows that both think revenue from Twitch is so low compared to OF that it's worth jeopardizing the loss of that stream.

Also, there is this weird dichotomy on Twitch where ex or current porn stars play video games, but non porn stars sexualize themselves. For the most part, even if the ex or current porn stars run their own OF they still play video games on Twitch. It almost seems like the porn stars want to be humanized while the Twitch thots just shamelessly want your money, even if that means people dehumanize or other-ize them.
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