Who died? (Celebrity Deaths)


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No sign of foul play or drug use, clot shot???
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Wasn't he married?

"Found Dead" sounds like some rando found him when someone did a wellness check on him.


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That sucks. 65 is a pretty good run though. Doesn't feel like he should be that old.


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People loved to hate on him but not one person has not blared along with his songs at some point.
fuck, i have too many childhood memories with my family singing all those songs from the Bat Out of Hell album. i memorized that entire thing. if it came on when i was driving people home from work, i would always sing along and once one of the ladies looked at me like i was a different person. she says "you can sing?" i answered "just Meatloaf" . i dunno what problems people had with him. i stopped following him around the mid 80s(cept for "i would do anything" which was inescapable), but i always listened to anything from BOOH.
he did have that scene in that Jack Black movie and in Fight Club, he was also in Wayne's World, Americathon Rocky Horror Picture show and many others. the only movie i can think of that he starred in was a film called Roadie. he was the world's greatest band roadie. everyone wanted him to set up concerts for them.
great cheesie movie
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