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    The Fast Food Thread

    Original Dot's are great. The honey mustard ones are just terrible.
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    EQ TLP - Mischief (Free Trade / Random Loot)

    Anyone playing on Thornblade? I'm gonna start leveling a SK there this week. He is a dumb troll because I can't be a gnome yet. Name is Fresh, hit me up if anyone is exping still.
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    The Fast Food Thread

    In addition to consistency, one primary reason pizza spots use premade dough is lack of physical space. Until recently I was the corporate chef for a ski resort with 7 restaurants that would do very large volume during the tourist season. We sold a lot of pizza, some premade some scratch...
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    Gravy's Cooking Thread

    I ran a food truck a couple years ago and we would go through 200-300 pork steam buns an hour. They cost about .15 cents to make and we sold them 3/$10. The buns are too sweet for personally, especially since the pork filling is often sweet as well. I prefer kai thawt as a filling, almost has a...
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    The Fast Food Thread

    Until recently I worked at a pretty legit Thai/Viet restaurant in Portland and the only premade item that we sold was MAMA brand ramen. It is very good.
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    Eugene, Oregon. Possible move

    I lived in Eugene for 4 years during college and I would not call it "hipster." Unclear whether or not Tyen has actually been there from his comments. It is dominated by the University, so although the metro area has a small population there is a lot of decent cultural stuff going on, and it has...
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    Wild Wild Country

    Started watching this last night and got through the first three episodes. My wife and I are both really enjoying it. When I did was in High School my dad was on the board of Young Life, the organization that bought the property. It is now a giant Christian Summer camp, they use most of the...
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    What do you do?

    I am executive chef at a ski resort. We have 5 restaurants and a very busy banquets department. One of these days I need to try skiing...
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    Gravy's Cooking Thread

    Alton Brown is some goofy trash. He reminds me of the doctor from Voyager. I prefer Wustof knives personally. I have a sontoku knife that I use daily at work that is 6 years old and still holds an excellent edge.
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    Gravy's Cooking Thread

    I just spent like 15 minutes trying to find some discussion about food that wasn't sous vide, it didn't go great. You guys are out of control.
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    Lockjaw Character Named Thread

    Fresh - Enchanter Hood - Druid
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    Ragefire Character Name Thread (Progression 3.0)

    Omar - Halfling Druid Fresh - Gnome Enchanter
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    The Fast Food Thread

    Voodoo is disgusting. Their main location downtown has super cheap rooms above it that heroin addicts live in, and a couple years ago one of them died in there and after a couple days it started raining maggots on the tourists waiting in line. I used to work with their production manager who...
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    New Progression Server confirmed

    One of my favorite memories from EQ was from Stromm when Cypher and RoI were both sitting around waiting for Emp Srra to spawn, and the GM made us roll. Faite rolled a 75 or something and then Xygon rolled 1. Hilarious. But everyone played it cool. Stromm's high end drama always seemed pretty...
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    The Beer Thread

    Where do all of you guys live where you have such terrible beer selection? Stores here are like 20% beer section, perhaps its just an Oregon thing.