Austin, Texas


Lord Nagafen Raider
39d 6h 26m
The Drag just isn't the same, Einstein's arcade closing just defines what it's become. not that i went in there for years, it highlights my view of the area.

It's hard to make bad BBQ. Texas has a mix of styles, some places have a vinegar sauce, some places don't really smother while it's cooking. I need to check the box and do franklins at some point, but can't say i've had bbq i didn't like anywhere in the city. rudy's worst bbq is probably what i've had most often, just due to proximity to my work/home.

and like Rudy's, Chuy's is my goto for TexMex, again mostly due to proximity. If i lived further south, i might start hitting Trudy's again.

actually, ignore all of that. Texas is full, go away.


Free Speech Extremist
75d 11h 34m
How has traffic been this week? Driving through tmrw on 35 and wondering if I should go around the metro like I normally do.


Bronze Knight of the Realm
1d 23h 29m
The afternoon seems to pick up but weekend traffic (at least last weekend) seems like it is moving quickly on the south side of the city. Can't speak to entering from the north. This was mid day as well while we were running some errands.


Free Speech Extremist
75d 11h 34m
It wasn't great going south on Friday, but I've seen it a lot worse. Coming back yesterday was easy peasy. Noticed that the I35 corridor from Georgetown all the way to San Antonio is pretty much an unbroken metro area now. At some point it's just going to be the Austin/SA metroplex the same way it's the DFW metroplex. Crazy compared to what it was twenty years ago.


Hard truths cut both ways
<Gold Donor>
53d 1h 17m
First girlfriend in high school lived in Georgetown, and traveling up 35 from Austin to Georgetown used to be fairly rural for a good 6-8 miles or so. None of that anymore. Just packed.