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131d 18h 55m

Jesus fucking Christ

STFU you drooling fucking retard

The current Mods are way more hands off than previous Mods have ever been, and LRR is willing to ban the fucking worst nightmare shitposters who try to smear feces all over the walls.

Even the OG FOH forum moderation was much worse. The Moderation in the last year or two is probably better than it has ever been.

I mean, FFS, they even added @Soygen and his literal AMOD claim to fame is doing as little as fucking possible.

Just be honest - your issue isn't with the Mods. Your issue is with LRR adding harrows, LOL

I don't give a single fuck about harrows, I just want twitter back.


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107d 21h 43m
The title I posted was dude gets beat up for saying the N word, didnt spell the word out.
Should've gone with American Inventor

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Mr. Poopybutthole
2d 12h 7m
A poster repeatedly told me to "rope" in neg comments, then I sent a similar neg back to him, he reported it and I'm banned for a few weeks. Total hypocrisy.