Cobra Kai


Got something right about marriage
131d 16h 49m
Season 1 was really good. Season 2 is a teen drama and not very good.


Molten Core Raider
52d 12h 46m
I think they used too much of season 2 to build up the eventual team up for Daniel and Johnny in season 3.

I'm happy they are making this show. It was a nice change of pace to see.
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72d 18h 33m
This show is the best kind of nostalgia cash in. And Johnny did nothing wrong, while Daniel is a massive jersey douchebag. Season two had all the teen drama to basically create problems for Johnny and Danny, but they overdid it a bit. Season two also had some of the best episodes, with Danial fucking up trying to teach kids and Johnny getting his first taste of the internet. This might be the best show in Netflix atm.


Free Speech Extremist
87d 23h 9m
Watched it this weekend. Fucking loved it. Johnny using dating apps, lol. End of Season 2 was not great though, it needs to stay lighthearted and fun.
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Noble Savage

Kang of Kangz
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65d 19h 42m
So basically everything bad that happens in this show is because Daniels daughter is a complete fucking idiot?


The lad himself
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31d 36m
This show is not very good, and I can see pretty much all its flaws. Despite that, I continue to binge it and I'm almost through season 2 having started watching season 1 about 9 days ago. It's got a certain something.


Ahn'Qiraj Raider
39d 4h 58m
ill take anything thats not hot woke garabge at this point. if the show isnt that good im alright with that.
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72d 18h 33m
The show hits on something I felt when I watched the movie back when I was a kid. Daniel is a fucking douchebag entitled jersey boy who really came in and fucked with everyone. Frankly, he deserved a lot of the ass beatings he was being given. And yeah, Daniel's daughter being a stupid whore and Daniel himself ridiculously overreacting to everything (but believable since its in character) drives all the drama in the show. Kreese is a new wrinkle and what I hope S3 is driving towards. Basically positive masculine mentality (Johnny) squaring off against negative masculine mentality (Kreese), with Daniel representing entitled douchebags fucking it all up.

The show is good precisely because men basing their lives on shit that pissed them off or motivated them from when they were growing up is being relatable, especially when the characters are flawed and not woke perfect bots. It gets off track a bit with the stupid kid drama, but if it did not have that it would just be Johnny and Daniel have a beer, the end.