History of FoH


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7d 3h 37m
My friend just happened to join EQ Veeshan server. So in late 99 i stopped playing my RZ char and joined him. I was very young, age 14, and i'm almost 100% sure furors story was legit as basically furor offered to do the same thing for me when i led a failed fear raid that summer. FoH and CT were the last two i asked, it was near 4am est and every other guild said no. CT replied they would help us first, and so they did. But Furor said yes also. Same time period Summer of Kunark.. So it kinda freaked me out to read that heh. I was so afraid i had lost everyone's corpse..

Oddly enough my WoW guild featuring many of my RL friends then got server merged to BDF server in classic. So i was on the same server as FoH once again. Except we were ahead of them now as my guild somehow was the top NA horde until nearly everyone rather famously got banned for wall hacking in AQ to avoid trash. Save me and my best friend (we were 19 and more interested in women/RL things we had ignored in our EQ days so we missed many raids and were basically only around bc our RL friends made up half the officers)

Amusingly one of my friends, an absolute total slacker turned this notoriety into a gaming industry job with that dude who made WoWs new game company.

Near BC launch i joined foh with my Shaman had a good time, FoH were getting some world top 25s kills and appeared on the way up again and appeared to be establishing itself among the very best NA guilds. Yet i was burningout, and i suspect so were others. Guild was basically reliant on 25 of the same 27 or so logging on each night. The few subs we had played classes/roles we had no need for. I think the issue was simply finding people with the correct skills, dedication, and mentality to fit in was just impossible so the guild had little choice but to shoot for lesser targets, and become less competitive. Of course i fell asleep on a raid and got banned even on the forum until RR via Melia (ravv) who disliked me for whatever reason.
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6d 7h 26m
Every server did that though. There just weren’t many servers when EQ started.

Chuk were you around when Da’Kor did that for folks on Ero Marr. There was a guy named Nazeth who helped me do tons of stuff for no reason and I paid it forward later.

We also helped break camps. All sorts of shit. People weren’t default assholes until the Zeks came out or progression was affected by over population.

Damn refugees.
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2d 4h 7m
I definitely had a group of MFH guys on Rathe drop what they were doing and help CR my warrior in Unrest after a wipe in the deep basement (this was when the highest people on the server were in the low 40s).

The situation was dire and the community appreciated the consequences - these weren't even people I knew well or at all. They just understood that if it wasn't them, then I was almost definitely fucked and rotting a corpse.

Also Mistabone Hagg, Docd and the rest of the Quake BotS guys were weird as shit. I also remember they had some crazy rules like it you were in BotS, you had to also be in their guild in ever other game you played. We had a few guys defect from the BotS WoW guild over to Juggeraut and it was a big deal at the time.


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1h 19m
Late to this party, but I miss the early days of EQ and dealing with some of these shitheads. Also wtf Lori?
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1h 19m
Sup Janx. Reading all this brought back some good memories. Hard to believe how much time we all put in with those guildies back then. Guarantee it was more time than we spent with our families.


14d 17h 19m
Furor was a rogue got banned then they used the dragon scale item that summoned a lvl 49 necro pet they gave it some low delay weapons and he went 0 to 50 on his warrior in a day.

Guild conquered every game it's ever touched and used to beat the pisa out of Triton and afterlife although AL took the throne in the end, I think.

Bunch of inner guild and inner forum sexcapades lead to where we are now 18 years later.

Could be remembering stuff wrong too.

Thott had a pixel sickness like no other man that has lived or will ever live.

Bard graphs.


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7d 18h 40m
All my FoH stories are from Beta/Classic WoW. :(

Personal favorites:
- During Horde push of Beta 2: the instance summoning exploit that let you summon a group of people to a freshly respawned boss (in a new instance) after you killed him. I think there were 3? of us warlocks there rotating people into new instances at the boss room. Poor Herod in Scarlet Monastery coughed up the goods for a while with Furor saying he showed it to the producers. That bug didn't last long, iirc.
- World first(?) spawn of dragon form Nefarian because we made an unholy train from Nef's room back to Vael's room, iirc. Think I still have the screenshots on my dead rig's hard drive.
- The bug farming in Silithus to beat the other raiding guild to the Scepter. Medivh was full of sweatshop assholes, though. Still can't believe how fast they got everything coordinated and done.


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15d 3h 43m
Thanks Fury and Ascent. Vindication and... I forget the second tier Alliance guild, were heavy producers as well for the gate opening. I can't remember if Ascent were some hardcore EQ folks or not, but I know Vindication was made of a lot of old Seekers of Norrath from the Ro's. Medivh was kind of stacked, looking back. Wasn't Kungen from Fury also part of a bunch of EU/World firsts?

I just remember Conquest leaking strats for everything in WoW and FoH falling behind hard after MC. Could be wrong though!


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5d 19h 13m
Also Mistabone Hagg, Docd and the rest of the Quake BotS guys were weird as shit. I also remember they had some crazy rules like it you were in BotS, you had to also be in their guild in ever other game you played. We had a few guys defect from the BotS WoW guild over to Juggeraut and it was a big deal at the time.
Funny you mention BotS. I was part of Drow in WoW. The environment was incredibly hostile.


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32d 32m
Being on the server with them, if you are competitive at all, you remember them being fast and fair. I remember doing kith with some other guild early on..something assasins? Later on I think Conquest just formed out of necessity as people retired. The danger of losing your corpse was part of the fun but the time it could take is the reason it will never work now.


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22d 9h 36m
Soul Assassins led by Ketsui? Pre Kunark and Kunark they were tops on Lanys.

Edit...he actually recovered my body once in SolB. That stupid yellow spider wrecked my shit by the LDC’s. They were going to do fire giants. He got me to zone line and a rez.
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113d 20h 59m
I know we've mocked her pretty hard for years, but that shits really just sad. Makes me wonder if she'll ever be able to make a clean break when she gets out.
Hope so, her other choice is to gamble on not getting a batch with too much fentanyl and kicking off.
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There's no such thing as a clean break after something like that. She'll be lucky to stay out of prison and eek out only a slightly miserable existence. Being a useful human being within support groups and working some shitty jobs is probably the highest of possibilities. These sort of life-failures makes things even more difficult than they were when they made their initial fall, and core personality traits that lead to stuff like that do not change.
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