Monsters and Memories (Project_N) - Old School Indie MMO


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196d 4h 11m

Nice! Chanters again!
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161d 22h 55m
Game looks remarkably better month to month. Spell particles, new animations, armor models, music.

MnM really deserves more attention, at least relative to the other game that shows no real progress year to year.

The game is about 3 years out still. The little attention it has is perfect right now. It doesn't need the AoC hype behind it. Neither game will live up to that kind of hype.
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44d 17h 48m
People be like "that game sux the only places to level are solb or lguk"

And I start in with reminding them about Kedge, the upstairs of Highkeep, all the guards, sea fury Island etc

And get called a try hard incel or some such

There's really only a handful of people that know all this stuff that are also willing to have a discussion about it instead of nose down dominating emu servers

As a Lock, I used to love camping the nobles and such in Highkeep.
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110d 7h 46m
Definitely like the low key approach devs are using, rather than overhyping and trying to fund off the hype. Games that do that rarely succeed. Best thing these guys could do is get as far as they can while keeping a low profile.
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6d 12h 24m
Kithani Kithani . I made a post asking OP to put in game website link in the OP, but then found some links to the page a few pages into this thread. No option to delete my post 🤷‍♀️.

I like the look of the game so far, character graphics a bit wanting. ( Troll concept is pretty much right on :emoji_thumbsup: )
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