My wife caught me


Aegri Somnia
13d 8h 8m
The only proper response to that text is: "No, shitlord, that is a Maiar!!"
You mean Istari, not Maiar. I mean technically he was one of the Ainur created by Iluvatar and thus a Maiar, but being one of the 5 sent by the Valar made him Istari.

And no son, that is a goddamn mage.
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Boners Crew
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31d 13h 59m
Ah yep, the clutter and lack of price tags gives it away. I couldn’t see past the wizard picture and the stolen Target shopping cart.
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We're America, bitch!
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27d 17h 29m
I recently got a cat wizard... meet Gandalf.View attachment 157140
I know this isn't the proper place for it, but then again it is in the Rickshaw so it is the proper place for everything.

I have almost that exact same cat tree (clearly same brand at least) for my two cats, one of which is black (#BCM), and they fucking love the shit out of it. But even after multiple vacuumings it just looks like Bigfoot fucked it or something. Even trying to pull the hairs out by hand doesn't get enough of them to make a difference, and I'm far too fucking lazy to make a habit of that. FoH, am I doomed to forever have a shitty looking piece of cat furniture in order to appease my feline overlords? Or is there some trick I'm unaware of to keep it looking like I at least tried?
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