Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)

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24d 2h 22m
And Kristin Kreuk was an amazing Lana Lang (character made for the show). She's sexy as fuck. Even better that she got wrapped into that sex cult with Chloe (Allison Mack).
You just discounted anything you could ever say about anything by giving any acting credence to fucking Kristin Kreuk. She's in the class of too pretty to need to act, so she doesn't. The only time she was ever an interesting character is when she was infected/empowered by kryptonite and I think I was just happy she was finally going to be spending more time off screen than anything.

Allison Mack on the other hand, is a badass, and I'm sad she left acting to further her involvement in that sex cult or whatever. Saw her at a con a year or two ago, and you'd never guess that about her. She seemed very reserved and not at all like any other actor I've seen/met/talked to.

Rosenbaum on the other hand, is literally batshit insane in person. Like John Barrowman, absolutely crazy, but quite entertaining on stage. The Lex Luthor character has had some very interesting iterations. Namely in All Star Superman when he becomes powered and clairvoyant, apologizes to Supes when he realizes the responsibility of his powers. Really, really well written shit.

I have no idea what they have planned for Mysterio, but so far I'm not blatantly disappointed by his appearance, so that's a huge win. I stayed pretty ignorant around the first Spidey film, and will likely remain on this one. I'll be happy if it's on par.


Trakanon Raider
17d 1h 30m
Not sure if im looking forward to this or Shazam more this year.
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75d 3h 0m
At least no fan made movie trailers have been posted in this thread so far.