World of Warcraft: Classic


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14d 17h 33m
Leveling a Tauren shaman and undead warlock now on Whitemane since queues are better... but Holy Jesus on a raptor mount do I hate the Barrens.


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11d 15h 11m
WoW won't launch today. Keeps giving me an error and "World of Warcraft has stopped working". WTF...

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16d 18h 38m
I caught myself looking up the Resto Shaman talent tree yesterday. Damn online games are like crack.
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57d 23h 18m
This isn't classic related but this is the most popular blizzard thread. Blizzard being cunts so they can keep deep throating China's cock.

They also fired the announcers that did the interview even though they ducked under the table at his response and had no idea what was going to be said.

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Sanrith Descartes

Get off my fucking lawn!
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16d 18h 38m
I obviously haven't read the contract but how do you take away money that someone has already won?


Nǐ hǎo, yǒu jīn zi ma?
I know there's several site lurkers that have dipped their toes into playing on Whitemane but haven't joined up with the guild yet, perhaps due to the same reasons you only lurk here. I just want to say to get your asses into the guild. It's far more relaxed in tone than the site and everyone is chill. You don't need to raid or even participate much if you don't want to, but the more the merrier.
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6d 2h 46m
Theyre digging their own grave with that poor handling of the hongkong situation. China have them by the balls and they aint got a spine anymore. What a sad company it is nowdays.
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69d 22h 19m
I mean its not perfect, but it works. You just have to be careful in dungeons. Sometimes its better than trying to click/mouseover on a mob too. People get in the way, other mobs get in the way, etc... Its nice to have another method to target. If your tank is not an idiot and marks, then its not a problem either way. People say to use /assist, but I find this to be unreliablle as well since the tanks is usually cycling through packs to sunder keep aggro.


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13d 20h 57m
you never assist the tank. Everyone would just end up on different targets.

My problem is when a mob dies but autoshot decides to stay on when you tab, it's about 50/50, and tab targets the mobs just to the left of your group in strat and you quickly tab again before your 3 second swing timer goes off and pulls another group. This is all thanks to the problem Seb is mentioning where we can't click healthbars from 36 yards away.


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70d 9h 30m
Can you be more specific? Raids? Dungeons? Because it seems to be working perfectly for me in open world (Classic) questing.
It's buggy, and the more mobs on your screen within scanning distance the worse it gets.