Zaara's Tattoo Artist Thread

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Yes, I have tattooed a penis. Great guy, wonderful client, been working on him since the start of my career, another girl and I have been filling in his body suit the last 4 years. She did the lion’s share on his piece but he’s got both of our artist signatures on it.

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Some of those bits remind me of King Ink in the Mirage in Las Vegas. Years back it was the first time I went into a tattoo parlor with a full bar and loud music. Was a unique experience.


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I've been playing with an idea for a tattoo.
I'm thinking maybe on my lower leg... imagine a couple of lines that go around the leg and then in the space between them I would want to incrementally add stuff, like maybe starting with one symbol and then keep adding to it over time, once the symbols go all around the leg we get a new line and more space for more symbols.
I'm not sure if I'm explaining my thoughts correctly, but...

Is this realistic? or dumb?
The idea here is that I would like to add symbols after achieving certain goals, so like a growing tatoo where each symbol has its own personal meaning to me.

I think we know what you mean.