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    Marriage and the Power of Divorce

    I know i will not persuade anyone, but a healthy marriage and a life together with your partner (wife in this case) is possible. We have been together for 27 years now, survived many crises, our daughter is 19 now and live changes, but if you chose your partner because of the values she has and...
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    The Al`kabor Project (EQMac) - Luclin 7/25

    Ok, I got run_eqmac to work again when starting the clients, but I cannotr switch between the clients, no matter what I try. I removed all write protection, I started with admin rights, I am clueless waht to do any more. Any tips how to switch between windows?
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    The Al`kabor Project (EQMac) - Luclin 7/25

    Hi Secrets, thanks for that patch, the mouse does not lock any more. A little side effect is that the Window Switcher "run_eqmac" does not work any more. I play on one display and used this program to switch between clients. The error message when I start it is: "Everquest is unable to start the...
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    Veeshan's Finest

    Anyone remember Rage Veeshan? My first EQ guild, pure family guild. I ended up in COE later.
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    Dads Thread

    My mother was a woman of the sixties and believed in non authoritarian parenting. I was a wild kid and would have needed some boundaries, but my parents didn't give me any and I payed dearly for it in school, and somehow, still do today, because I have problems with authority. Anyhow, when my...
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    How much do you weigh?

    5.9, 170
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    The Al`kabor Project (EQMac) - Luclin 7/25

    Population has picked up during the holidays and 1,5 exp bonus sure helps. Kunark is out and level 60 gave a new goal. Epics are available many have them already. Game is pretty stable right now and it is a lot of fun - try it out!
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    "Schauen" and "sehen" can both be used for watching a movie, "Schauen" is a little bit older and used more in the south, while "sehen" is used by younger people and in the rest of Germany.
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    The Al`kabor Project (EQMac) - Luclin 7/25

    Or just use one directory, but stay at server select and start the second process. Works for me.
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    Soccer 2012-2013 3.0

    . Actually , Stuttgart.
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    The Girls Who Broke Your Heart Thread

    Married for 21 years, not much to tell. Relationships are hard and you need to work on them. Still do not want to see this thread to vanish to page 2, so bump.
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    Where is RR/SS?

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    Where is RR/SS?

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    EQMac Now Free to Play

    Hi Torrid, thanks for the input. I am still working on getting this to work, but still have the Login error. Anyway, 2 things: This doesn't work with Opera. I know not many people use it, but I love it. Just use Internet Explorer in that case. . Yep, My antivirus blocked this and I had to...
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    EQMac Now Free to Play

    Sorry for the stupid question, but I followed Torrid's advice step by step, but I could not log into the MAC server. Error message "Error 0009 Login Server did not respond.\nPlease try again.\n". When I tried to copy the resource folder from the EQMac download into the C:\EQMac folder, my...