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    Pan'Theon: Rise' of th'e Fal'Len - #1 Thread in MMO

    Only VIPs get to see what is behind the flower
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    Everquest - Live Servers

    Sure, but is that Krono considered an in-game store purchase or a sub? It just says "Members defined as customers who have purchased a monthly membership". The monthly sub is 14.99 and 1 Krono is 17.99. But then you have other price ranges like buying bulk krono and 1 month, 3 month, 5 month, 12...
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    Everquest - Live Servers

    The money relating to those subs isn't a good indication of much financially because it doesn't have the in-game store income or sales of the next expansion coming up, etc. A lot of the membership of accounts is via krono, not just the direct credit card charge method. There is a whole breakdown...
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    Everquest - Live Servers

    The Swedes paid 10x EBITDA, which is a pretty expensive pricetag to just milk a dying game. Usually, buyouts of a company are 3-6x unless they want the IP, location, have strategic plans, etc. Kind of interesting to see how they handle the wink wink agreement Daybreak had with the EQ EMU community.
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    Everquest Mangler Server - DOING IT ALL AGAIN, AGAIN!

    The posted guild list isn’t entirely accurate anymore. I’m in a guild called The Deck of Many Things. We Kill everything easily and it’s not a Zerg. We roll on everything based on class, no attendance or BS guild work for us adults. Yeah it’s not a min/max loot system, but everything dies and...
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    Everquest Mysteries

    NFP is the best trade zone. It had a thriving community of duelers and evils in the sewers, people at jade inn, bank ,etc. While selling, you could bank, kill guards for exp/money, tradeskill, work on swimming, etc. Evils could bank through with invis. Low level scum hardly ever asked for PL...
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    The Twilight Zone

    Which is sloppy. Just because it's online and not subject to a specific run time doesn't mean the episode is better. Without a time framework, the writers and production can be lazy and not tighten up the story. Instead we get episode 1 which is way too long and beats us over the head with the...
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    2019 NFL Offseason: Chargers Started Early

    The Steeler's couldn't trade AB. They were going to trade him to Buffalo, but he refused to play for them and sabotaged it. He would sabotage any deal he didn't like. There is zero chance waiting for a better deal would happen via the Steeler's organization. The Steeler's reportedly gave up...
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    Everquest Mangler Server - DOING IT ALL AGAIN, AGAIN!

    Any Mangler guilds around here looking for more? I have a group of 10 or so looking for a home.
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    2019 NFL Offseason: Chargers Started Early

    Cut my leg off for 45 million. He'll be ok. This just makes Bell's case to get a ridiculously large contract much harder to attain. Get fucked Bell.
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    2019 Alliance of American Football - Regular Season

    For all the shit the XFL got back in its day, the MVP of the league, Tommy Maddox became a starting QB for a few years on the Steelers (along with some other players around the NFL). His injury led to Big Ben taking over. The AAF already lost a QB to the NFL when the Redskins signed Josh Johnson...