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The defense put Binger on trial, which was excellent and a great play IMO. We'll see how Binger reacts to it, but I can't believe for a second that anyone finds him likable. He's got to be one of the most weasel-looking motherfuckers I've ever seen.

Best case is full acquittal, followed by Binger fired for fucking up a high-profile case, followed by disbarment for prosecutorial misconduct.
We'll see what Clownworld has in store for us.

Binger came across as the classic smarmy liberal condescendingly shitsplaining reasons why you can't believe any one but him. He probably lectures his friends about going vegan, global warming and critical race theory anytime he sips wine.

That shit might have flown mid Trump, but a year into Biden I think most of the US is pretty fed up with Liberals taking down to them


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Someone needs to accuse rittenhouse of exposing himself so binger will whip his dick out for the jury. That's how lawyering works, right?
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Regardless of what he's saying, I'd imagine his smugness would turn the jury off to what he's saying
I did a month on a State Grand Jury. This is more true than you know. Common comments after prosecutor presented case...
"Can you believe she wore that outfit?"
"Can he not speak in a monotone?"
"This guy really sucks"
The list goes on. After a while we might discuss the case.
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