GoT - Is Over, Post Your Drogon Sightings

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Blackwing Lair Raider
25d 15h 59m
I liked it. Everything was too predictable but I still liked it.

I suppose you can make an argument that you'd have more advantage with horses in open fields, but having your army stand outside the castle was stupid.


Trakanon Raider
33d 5h 17m
Undead traditional tactic is simple. Have the Cleric or Pally cast turn undead. Fucking King of the North came to a fight with undead and failed to recruit a Cleric or Pally. Beric is a pally but obviously too low level to turn undead.

Umm Melisandre was a Cleric. But one of those kits that trade off turn undead for extra offensive magic I guess.


<Bronze Donator>
21d 3h 19m
I really thought they were about to take that episode to the next level and have Sansa & Tyrion commit suicide. One of the few times I was borderline freaking the fuck out watching something.

Mixed emotions on the episode. Was badass for 80 out of the 85 minutes. Props to them for pulling off such a big battle for TV... Even if the main storyline was a giant red herring.


All labs matter!
56d 17h 47m
They should have taken Bran to the top of a hill. Implanted him with dragon glass spikes all over? He wouldn’t feel it in his legs. Then as they charged rolled him down the hill. That way NK gotta stop the Bran train of boom!


Throbbing Member
204d 23h 7m
The average wight cant weigh more than what, 60-100 pounds? Only the very recently raised would still have most of their mass left. Massed cavalry charge would honestly have never stopped until the horses got tired, aside from running into the occasional giant.

Plot twist: The flaming arakhs slowly winking out wasn't the Dothraki dying, they just rode down so many wights that they were too far away to be seen anymore.

I mean look what the wights did to the dragon. There are just so many they would bring down horses quick. It's not just that these are quick undead there are just so god damn many of them. The horses may go in but they aren't going far. There is still a huge mass of undead there that would just swarm over everything. They were running and jumping over top of each other when they were rushing the infantry lines. Also trying to ride a horse over a shitload of dead bodies isn't going to end well.


Throbbing Member
204d 23h 7m
just rewatching this episode and I noticed they placed catapults in front of the infantry

lol what the fuck.
They had no room if you think about it. They wanted space to retreat and you had the trench and shit there. Once the undead get close those catapults are worthless, might as well have them out of the way. Better to have a mass of Unsullied bodies there.


Ssraeszha Raider
229d 11h 50m
Four and five would have been pretty good if they were trimmed and combined. He added so many new characters and weird, meandering plotlines. It was his way of stalling for time because he clearly had little clue where to take this thing after the insanity of A Storm of Swords

On my reread of book five I skipped all the Dany chapters and Tirion chapters and it was legit good.

Book four was still confusing the second time around.
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Vyemm Raider
38d 13h 53m
What’s the name of that website who would do entire episodes in images with their own dialogue? Have they done anything this season?


Golden Baronet of the Realm
36d 15h 6m
If they really wanted to piss people off they would of ended this episode with the NK standing in front of Bran so people could speculate for a week only to be left disappointed as Ayra does her shit. They would of went full Hollywood cocksucker and ended the show with the NK looking down on Bran about to reach for his sword and the preview for next week would be some Euron gayness.

Shit, what do you think this is; The Walking Dead Season 6?



ResetEra Staff Member
<Silver Donator>
Before I catch up on this thread - I interpreted Melisandre's death as her waiting all this time to die because she wanted to make sure she ended up with the God of light and not in the night king's army.


Throbbing Member
204d 23h 7m
Before I catch up on this thread - I interpreted Melisandre's death as her waiting all this time to die because she wanted to make sure she ended up with the God of light and not in the night king's army.

I think the fire swords and her firing up the trench were only supplementary for the real reason she was there. To point Arya at the Night King. With the NK dead she could finally let herself die cuz she couldn't live with what she did to Shireen.