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Molokini can be the best snorkeling on Maui if there are a bunch of large fish around (during whale shark season, I've heard they run right past the crater for example). My wife and I did it last May and saw a few batfish which was cool, but I've heard that occasionally you'll get a bunch of manta's - would be worth calling ahead and seeing what has been around when you go. Turtle town is a guarantee to see green sea turtles, and it's really close to where you're staying so you should have no problems getting out to that point and seeing some big turtles. We took the Kai Kanani boat (leaves out of Wailea area so super convenient) and it hits turtle town at the end as well, drops you off right at the turtles.

Best snorkeling on Maui though, at least off the shore is probably Honolua Bay when the waves are mellow - it's a good hoof North of you, but worth the drive. If you get there and it's wavy, head down to Kaanapali beach/black rock and snorkel there. It can be really good - not quite the diversity of Honolua, but you can almost always see some cool stuff at black rock and it's closer than Honolua.