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45d 18h 11m
You're reading too much of the GG thread. Listen to your response about what RESIST means. You just encapsulated an entire political party into some neat little box associated with a stupid phrase. Same behavior you're complaining about.
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44d 6h 21m
That's fair enough. Note, my main issue not because what RESIST actually is, but that she supports it because it's anti-Trump. And the Trump part isn't important even though that plays into his agenda. It's the vague "because it's not X" that bothers me.

That said, what is RESIST then? What am I mischaracterizing or omitting?


Got something right about marriage
45d 18h 11m
I don't think you are wrong in this case, but you have to be careful with the language you use and how you approach things you disagree with in the interest of being taken seriously. I'm not playing devil's advocate for any kind of message that may or not be associated with that phrase. The point I am making is there are plenty of levelheaded people on the left that roll their eyes at shit like that the same way you do and that's the problem with the generalized association. It's no different than someone on the left using a phrase or current event involving a political figure on the right to associate the entire party with racism.

RESIST isn't "the left". It's just a needlessly vague phrase that some people have decided to rally around... for whatever reason. I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I've seen or heard it used outside of the internet. I share most of your opinion of it as well.


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If she drives the car most of the time (99%) and she wants a magnet on it with her political point, even if you disagree with the message, there is nothing wrong with it. Maybe you can tell her that she then has to drive the car when you two are together on it.
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27d 6h 55m
Well, fwiw, my wife is my best friend which is how I was raised to find a wife. The fundamental question here is if it bothers you enough to not want to be seen with that stuff (or her to be seen with you with a MAGA hat) and the two of you cannot agree to a compromise, how good of a friend is she? Politics aside, marriages (unlike political parties) HAVE to be able to compromise. If you can't do that, then you need to address that issue. I hold my friends AND my wife to that same standard, as well as myself.
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30d 8h 12m
My wife is pissing me off. She keeps scheduling eye doctor/doctor/dentist appointments for the kids when she can't take them. I'm sure she's doing it intentionally. She hates doctors and the like, and just doesn't want to take the kids when it's necessary. This is rustling me pretty hard, as this week there have been multiple dentist/eye doctor appointments. Carves up my whole damned day four out of five days this week.

I asked her about it, and she admitted she just wants me to take them. I told her if that's the case, let me make the appointments.

Gah. stupid argument. Had to vent.


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9d 12h 48m
Do you guys have like old bell and hammer alarms or something? These newfangled smart phones can play any sound you like with gradually increasing volume and other customizable options.
I have a TARDIS alarm clock


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15d 21h 37m
That's ultimately what led the argument to posting here. If we were just debating the finer points of OTHER idiots' ideologies, I don't feel I need to involve this forum nor is it worth being offended about. She kept offering to hang the needlepoint in her office instead of the kitchen as some kind of compromise. I was honestly at a loss of words, so I just told her that I wanted her to stop supporting this stuff.

Yeah, I know, that never works and was the wrong thing to say. I didn't now how to get across to her that her support of this stuff lowers my opinion of her. It's not there yet, she doesn't take these phrases and movements to mean the same thing that we or others might.

There was a little keychain adornment that showed up in the mail a few months back. It had a quote from Ginsburg.

Quote by Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “When I'm sometimes asked when will there be eno...”

Maybe I hold Supreme Court Justices to too high a standard? But blatant reverse sexism? That was a fun hour-long conversation. It was worrying that I had to explain that the endgame for feminism(and any form of equality) is merit-based selection and open mocking of such questions, not revenge-stacking the court. I haven't seen the keychain since, but I suspect it's because I'm not looking for it.

A lot of this feels like she's doing it because it(3rd wave feminism) is popular right now. I'm not sure if that's better or not, though.
Third wave feminisism can be a slippery slop for relationships. I mean at its base for third wave feminism, not all feminism, is that men are inherently evil and going out of their way to oppress women. I'd watch out for how this progresses.


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26d 4h 22m
Third wave feminisism can be a slippery slop for relationships. I mean at its base for third wave feminism, not all feminism, is that men are inherently evil and going out of their way to oppress women. I'd watch out for how this progresses.
I’ve been doing my best to keep my wife from going off the deep end with that shit. She’s managed to keep enough sanity to recognize how fucked up it is when her friends say shit like, “I’d rather my sons be falsely accused of rape than my daughter not be believed.” But she insists on being an NPC when it comes to everyone’s favorite orange man.

I’ve told her directly that I take no issue with her personal politics and world view, but if she takes my kids to political shit or ever used the phrase “patriarchy” then we’re gonna fight and everyone will lose. The best strategy I’ve had for keeping her sane is reminding her that third wave feminists are 100% anti white men - that means her father, her husband, and her son. I pound that drum as often as I have to (which admittedly isn’t often - but the stupid shit her friends post on Facebook gives me an opportunity to challenge my wife’s beliefs without challenging HER and getting her hackles up).
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10d 1h 18m
This tangent has given me new found appreciation for my wife. We have discussions about politics and she will initially respond based on how something makes her feel, but she will ask for my thoughts because I will tell her what I think and why I think it.

It’s worked well so far for my daughter as well, she’s almost 21 at a liberal arts school and we’ve always been able to discuss issues without getting in to the “feels”. She just rolls her eyes at the extremes on both sides.
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23d 14h 44m
Need some help here. This could go in the GG thread but uh, I want some serious feedback.

Came home today to a RESIST bumper magnet slapped on the back of my wife's car. It's not really her car, we both own it, she just drives it 99% of the time. Regardless of that, I calmly asked her to ask me before putting political messages on our car. I'll admit I'm extremely anti label/logo, I feel it gives people a way to make assumptions. I'm likely a bit overboard with that, so we compromise on some stuff. The car has bumper magnets like Nightmare Before Christmas, for example.

Her response was that I didn't say anything about the one on the fridge, so she assumed I was ok about this one. In truth, I didn't notice it in the clutter, she collect fridge magnets, there's easily over 100. The whole surface area would be covered if it not were for some of the toddlers she watches can get at them. This was a mistake, a whole bunch of other shit we've argued about came flooding back.

She has a needlepoint from a friend that says "Fuck the patriarchy", I think I've even brought it up here previously. Even if that phrase wasn't offensive to males(which it is? maybe I'm wrong there?), the anti label part of me doesn't want to give others the chance to assume what "Fuck the patriarchy" or "RESIST" means to them.

Is my assumption wrong that general public perception has poisoned the phrases? And that a reasonable person, regardless of intention(true feminism, not 3rd wave bullshit), wouldn't associate themselves with it? Or, is it possible that this forum and the aforementioned other thread has tainted my view of those phrases?
Meet her halfway. 1 pro-Trump magnet/sticker for every TDS magnet/sticker. Then everyone will key your car.


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2d 8h 0m
What stand do you have for the MSI laptop? I have the same laptop and have been looking into a stand....