RIP Telltale Games

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I bet Clem would have ended up dying and it would end up being a mirror of what happened to Lee in the first game.


Vyemm Raider
38d 1h 20m
I really loved The first two Walking Dead seasons and Wolf among us but they're a one trick studio that caters to a very specific kind of nerd. I’m surprised with how long they lasted really.


Potato del Grande
64d 17h 18m
Borderlands was pretty much like watching a tv show version of the game. The humor was on point.


130d 2h 36m
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Trakanon Raider
8d 15h 16m
Telltale says it may be able to finish The Walking Dead

“Multiple potential partners have stepped forward to express interest in helping to see The Final Season through to completion,” Telltale said on Twitter. “While we can’t make any promises today, we are actively working towards a solution that will allow episodes three and four to be completed and released in some form. In the meantime, episode two will release tomorrow across all platforms as planned. We hope to have answers for your other questions soon.”


Aten Ha Ra Slayer
173d 19h 16m
UNCONFIRMED reports are that eps 3 and 4 are mostly done, just VA and QA is needed. (which is sorta supported cuz mellisa hutison(clem) said she only did eps 1/2 VA work)


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30d 48m
That........that picture is.........wat!? Is that real? There is not a single, actual, decent looking woman in that picture full of Wamen. this the future? Is this a literal picture of a cross-section of the population that will never breed?

Capitalism in action, mutha fuckas. I love it.
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31d 3h 28m
Aside from all of that, their business model sucked. I bought in at first because of the Monkey Island game (Which I loved). However, you pay up front for the 1st episode, 2 sometimes 3 months before episodes and you lose track of the story. This continued to rinse and repeat through Back to the Future, Wolf Among Us, and Walking Dead. Then I noticed on Steam I could just wait for all the episodes to come out and buy it on a Summer Steam sale for 9 bucks and be able to play through the entire game. So I just started doing that.

This business model is unsustainable in my opinion (Obviously just based on my own buying habits) and should not be replicated under any circumstance.

But with that said, yeah this is also what happens when you act this way in capitalism. People are sick to death of this SJW nonsense, and will in turn, not buy your product. BF5 will be another one, and if people keep it up they will just find themselves out of business.

So advice for everyone is to stick to making games, keep your mouth shut, and hopefully your game is fun enough to sell well.


70d 1h 21m
Yep, I realized it was kind of pointless to buy that shit for anything more than $5-10. Plus there were a lot of Telltale bundles.

Nowadays, any episodic game I don't buy until all episodes are in. There are some really interesting games out there but then you seen it's been like two years between episodes, or two years since the last one. No thanks, assholes.
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Ahn'Qiraj Raider
72d 8h 40m
I got tired of them working on games i didn't care about, and shitting on ones i did.

Walking dead 1 was great
2 was good, better when kenny came in. but the whole time i almost thought "why wasn't 2 about kenny?" focus on him. he's been through some shit. clementine should have showed up later as the ray of sunshine from the past and everyone would be impressed by how cool she'd become. I kind of felt that season 1 was "about" lee and clem, but secondary and maybe more involved was kenny's story. HE had the most ups and downs in the story.

wolf among us was great. (why did they never make another? it was even the most free-form medium available because it had fucking magic).

I WANTED to play borderlands but the wife never felt like it (we play these games together).

then.... they worked on lots of games i have no interest in. and they made WD season 3 about new folks i was less interested in. it was okay but i wanted to know more about the first bunch of folks. they let kenny die pointlessly.

after the mediocrity that was WDs3 we basically vowed to not buy them again till they were out in totality (no buying the episod 1 till all are out), and to wait on reviews. and here we are. bankrupt company more concerned about SJW backpats and expanding their market (on paper) at the expense of the core product that attracted fans.