Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (From Software)


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24d 21h 40m
This ought to be right up ENB's alley since he has never really got into the RPG/stat side of things. As long as the lore is solid (which I am sure it will be). I am looking forward to his let's play videos.


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28d 4h 11m
Some of those animations are stunningly impressive. I just did a frame by frame around 1:40 when he flips a guy by jumping on his shoulders. I didn’t see a single clipped texture or part of one model clipping through the other. And I loooove the weight and momentum of when you using the grappling hook. It connects, you move forward a little, then a burst of speed pulls you towards your hook like when a roller coaster is crowning the top of the hill and then flies down it at full speed.

Really looking forward to this game!!
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9d 1h 27m
There is some video's from people who played from GamesCon, who said the hitboxs are incredibly accurate for how fast the game is, can't wait too play(I hope they get the English Gut's VA also, would be nice)
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23d 10h 32m
tenchu was actually the shit i was like 12-13 when that shit came out, if this has anything to do with tenchu and is only on console, i might have to get one =/ def a childhood favorite of mine.
sekiro shadows die twice is coming on steam too btw

There's also a physical collectors edition at gamestop although dunno if you can preorder it or not, I have the XB1 version pre ordered for an extra $30 why not
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27d 21h 21m
Tenchu was amazing at the time but doesn't hold up as well as its contemporaries. I had to look it up to see if it came out before or after Metal Gear Solid or Thief to see if it was my first 3d stealth game and I'll be damned if it did/was. 98 was an amazing year for stealth games: Tenchu 8/31/98, Metal Gear Solid 10/21/98 and Thief on 11/30/98.
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22h 49m
My favorite part of tenchu was removing peoples heads. There were the stealth kills from behind that could pop them off once in a while, but you could also perform a leaping slash from a roof top and angle a normal attack just right to remove them as well. My friend and I would take turns clearing levels seeing who could acquire the most number of "dirty cabbages" as we would call them. Being a teenager is weird shit.

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