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    What did you just read?

    I enjoy Expeditionary Force more than I should. It's the only series I've ever "read" that seems like it was made specifically for a narrator (RC Bray) and specifically for audio. I can't imagine they hold up if you are actually reading them.
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    New World

    I just feel like they should tell the playerbase one way or the other. I'm trying to rush to 200 across the board, and if I'm just going to get flipped to level 160 when they roll this shit out, it would be nice to know.
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    New World

    Have they said how they are actually going to roll out the XP changes to crafting with the PTR patch? It makes me extremely nervous that they are going to take the total amount of XP that we've accumulated for our level 200 skills (1.8m) and make us start the grind all over again instead of...
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    New World

    Setting under visuals. Defaults to 60 fps.
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    Investing General Discussion

    I'm also extremely interested in the options how-to thread. I've always been a long buyer and occasionally buy call options as a gamble, but some of the other strategies have never really clicked for me.
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    Investing General Discussion

    This really was a great 2 week distraction from the rest of the world going to shit. It's too bad it had to end so soon.
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    Home Improvement

    Do you have any powerline adapters or other similar type networking gear plugged into that circuit. A friend of mine had a similar problem and found that certain adapters trip the arc protection on those breakers.
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    Home buying thread

    FWIW, I just closed a 2.75% jumbo refi with Chase a couple weeks ago (w/ points, 75% LTV). I can send over the dude I worked with if you want to compare rates. They aren't the most responsive, but they had the best rates for my jumbo.
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    Pokemans and how to catch them with your phone - friend codes in OP

    Need friends :( 074343406867
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    Harry Potter Wizards Unite (aka harry potter pokemon go)

    No idea what I am doing, but there are lots of things by me at work, so I'll see what happens. Friend Code: 6200 4544 3622
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    MTG: Arena

    There is a vault but no way to see progress as far as I know. I've spent $104.99, busted $50 worth of GOR packs (plus many more from drafts), and am close to infinite in competitive GOR draft. I've had the vault open twice.
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    Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

    Really enjoyed it. Probably more so than any Star Wars film that I can remember seeing in a theater. Weakest parts involved Harrelson. I'd totally watch more films with Crimson Dawn, New Han, or Lando.
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    Silicon Valley

    The mesh technology finds you a new route to that node. Assuming you are within 100m of a node and that node is within 100m of another node, your mesh rapidly expands to hit a shitload of people in a metro area.
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    Silicon Valley

    There are some "secure" chat clients that use mesh (bluetooth, wifi direct, bluetooth LE) to communicate without any actual internet or cell signal. This could be an extension of that concept with the "Internet" potentially distributed and compressed onto individual devices scattered around a...
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    What do you do?

    Some of these "coding schools" are getting a bit ridiculous (see Center Centre and 42: Tuition Free Coding University in the Silicon Valley at the 2 ends of the spectrum). Time to jump on the bandwagon and open one? Might as well just teach the trinity (product ownership, ux, engineering) and...