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So if Mist gets pregnant then the baby could cure her brain damage?

Damnit, now if only Vanessa could get pregnant.



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Smell is tied to the brain. If your brain tells you something is going to smell bad, chances are it will and also taste bad no matter how good it actually smells and tastes.
This shows Mist at least mentally has a strong distaste for men, which is no shocker.
If she can convince her brain that men smelled good, she would be gobbling man juice like a alcoholic in a liquor store.
The only way that will ever happen is if she finds the right guy who slowly changes her perception. It's going to have to be someone with extremely low self confidence as any sane person would run away in just days. I can certainly see given that information why she is depressed and hates life.
I don't understand why if she doesn't need the money that she continues to torture herself instead of seeking to find some happiness in life.
Start sea fishing, diving ( no I don't mean with the female down the street ), collect wine, hell who knows.
Find something in life that brings you peace. The gift you were given to even exist is expiring by the day.


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I wouldnt worry about what you should change to, just pursue balance and it will work itself out. In addition to burden, one needs three things for a happy mind:
1. Sleep
2. Fun
3. Rest
I think it's a bit more complicated than that.


I've been so worried my whole life about tiers 1 and 2 and never even thought about progressing past that.


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can you just remove your olfactory bulb or something so you don't have this one hangup?
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I think it's a bit more complicated than that.

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I've been so worried my whole life about tiers 1 and 2 and never even thought about progressing past that.

Most assuredly. The steps that i outlined below the part you quoted really only addresses the bottom by getting your mind healthy. It's the reason everyone is suggesting vacations to decompress. By your own admission, you've already got the bases covered for tier 2, so get your mind rested, orient yourself toward balance and you'll be in a position to tackle other things.

From there you just accept what you can't/won't change and resolve to change what you must. The important point is, you won't worry about those lower needs if you sate them all and the big thing everyone misses is resting the mind.

Food is generally not going to be a source of stress in the Developed world unless you are following some sort of restrictive eating pattern or are deficient in sleeep/rest.