Relocating from Philly to Denver

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The Scientific Shitlord
30d 18h 22m
Homeless people are a trip, They are all younger bearded hippy looking dudes in North face jackets and nice shoes begging for money as they live out of their camping backpack.
There are little to no actual homeless people in CO. The job market is on fire right now. Between the giant Amazon hub and the tech center the only reason someone is without a job is because they don't actually want one. That, and the cold here kills people outside pretty fast. Probably easier to get a bus or train to CA and be homeless someplace communist.


Still a Music Elitist
26d 17h 54m
I was on vacation in Colorado for the past week and wasn't supposed to leave until today. So glad I changed that to last night. Got out before the storm hit.


Vyemm Raider
13d 15h 32m
I just spent some time in Denver-- I was looking forward to it. Of course, there is no way to summarize the culture/benefits/climate of a place in couple of sentences.

I can see why so many people love it. There is pot everywhere (as mentioned here). There are tons of fit people. I was there for a little snow and was surprised how crippling it was for getting around/driving. I figured- it's Colorado, they are USED to snow. Not true.

Personally, the overall culture was a little too slow for me. I could not get adapted to firing on 50% of my neurons because that is what is expected. Jesus Christ, don't think or talk too fast. Certainly don't DO things too fast. It's just not the way... As for the healthy scene. Totally, dude! I wish I could be as healthy as the general population seems to be. But, go 10 miles outside of the city (not in the direction of Colorado Springs) and things change fast.

Despite it being a very popular spot for moving/retiring/fleeing the East/West coasts, I didn't think it was for me. In all likelihood that says more about my faults and defects than any relative dis-merits for Denver. It was just a little too cowboy for me (and it's not that Cowboy!).

PS- There are a fair share of homeless/hippies/immigrants seeking sanctuary in Denver. Not San Francisco by any means, though.


Resident Nationalist
<Medals Crew>
38d 9m
Who's inviting me to Thanksgiving tomorrow?

I'll bring casual racism to the dinner table