The Netflix Thread


Mr. Poopybutthole
55d 23h 16m
Don't forget Netflix paid $450m for Knives Out 2 and Knives out 3 coming soon lol

that sorta thing has got to be over though. Red Notice, all the Ryan Reynolds movies, the Adam Sandler movies, Extraction (although Extraction 2 in progress), that Highlander-esque movie with Charlize Theron, Bird Box, etc all were ok but definitely not worth the crazy amounts netflix spent on them.

instead we'll get 50 more shows like IS IT CAKE. wait I've got a pitch, people make pasta dishes but its either meatballs or dog turds.

IS IT DOG SHIT coming soon to Netflix, it works on so many levels
Change it to "is it shit" and get Amber Turd to host , twist she has to eat it either way ... print money
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Vermin Supreme
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161d 4h 14m
project power was $85m and it finished in 7 day views behind lovebirds that cost $16m. bright was $90m, guess won't be getting a 2nd one

Sad to hear about Bright but they did an anime offshoot that was pretty bad already. They will continue to successfully push their anime Extraction was good, Gra Man looks good. Paying for those actors is stupid though because most people who watch Netflix are bingers and just about anything eventually hits binge status. Their creative leadership is absolutely terrible though.


Nǐ hǎo, yǒu jīn zi ma?
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is this the exact moment netflix turned to shit?