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    Poll EQ TLP Mischief or WOW Classic TBC?

    LOL bro that's totally wrong. They weren't even hired until over half way through development. EQ had what 550K peak subs? You think the some odd ten million peak in WoW which is a far superior game in every way is because of a few dudes from EQ that maybe 1/4 of the population knew about? Sure...
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    Understand your frustration, but don't pretty much all appliance makers fucking suck now? I just had to replace the diverter valve on my dishwasher that's four years old because it's prone to failure apparently and leaks water all over the fucking place when it fails (ruining part of my hardwood...
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    Seriously.... I couldn't even bother reading it all, but he's definitely better off lol.
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    Car ?'s

    I bought a 2014 F250 for $21,900 with 40K miles. It's at 65K now and it's booking at $30,000.... Totally nuts!
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    Which business would you start?

    I am a solo MSP. Money's awesome if you're good and can sell. If you get nervous meeting with teams of business leaders/owners or talk down to end users don't bother. Not going to do some extensive write up, but every interaction matters. I've met people years ago and casually mentioned to hit...
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    Home buying thread

    Wowzor. Granted I live in an area with zero natural disasters, but our house cost $595K and we are paying $650 a year.
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    Diablo II - Ressurected

    Love me some D2, but I think we're definitely overdosing on nostalgia. I had multiple level 99's and the only rare rune I ever found was Jah which I promptly traded for a shit ton of SoJ's to purchase other gear with. As others have already pointed out without duping what is the currency? How...
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    Investing General Discussion

    The thought that insider trading isn't happening on a semi daily basis seems very hard to believe. Much like government cronyism I suspect it's just the norm until you piss of the wrong person and then they slap your hand.
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    Investing General Discussion

    At what point does WSB become the short seller lol? I think I'm a little too timid to try to catch a falling knife, but it's an easy 70% gain when this thing does fall if you short it at the right time.
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    Investing General Discussion

    This is so totally true. A lady yesterday in a beat up minivan heard me telling a buddy what was going down on the phone and promptly asked me if I was talking about Gamestop. I of course said yes to which she responded that she had just bought some at $220. While I love the laughs it did strike...
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    Investing General Discussion

    Despite the fact I never participated in any of these trades I just dropped another 3 K on a new gun, optic, 10 mags, and 1000 rounds ammo. Clown world is only going to get crazier until the hugs start lol.
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    Investing General Discussion

    Pre-market really doesn't mean a lot.
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    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    Precisely. How many Corrutped Ashbringers or Might of Menethils were there in Vanilla vs in WoW classic and Naxx has only been out what a month lol? Naxx was literally the guild killer between the difficulty and all the scrubs realizing they were fucked when raid sizes were reduced to 25...
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    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    Pretty much sums up both the conversation and game at this point. Pray Riot can make a decent mmo!
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    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    Oh yeah sure... I vividly remember browsing all the CT profiles with Edgemasters, etc... (Do you guys even know what CT profiles was?) I remember some fucking Gnome warrior doing 700 DPS on Patchwerk or something like that and EVERYONE checking out his gear which might I add had NO WEAPON skill...