The Fast Food Thread


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83d 23h 12m
Impossible burger is good for what it is, had one during some work testing, but it's not worth its price tag unless you want a burger but can't eat meat due to medical reasons.


The Wokest
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84d 27m
So for the privilege of more money you too can have a plant burger while your pals eat a real burger and save a few bucks? Oh and it’s less healthy to boot, this processed garbage is winning all sorts of points. I can see why so many of you want to try it.
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34d 14h 25m
I stopped at a local burger joint tonight on the way home. Everyone always raves about it.

I got the "Home Run" combo, which is a 4-patty cheeseburger, fries and a drink. With was $17 and change. Paying up front when placing your order...I didn't know if this was going to be worth it or not.

Some of my pictures were blurry AF, so I tossed some out.

Even with 4 didn't seem like it was a monstrously huge burger. But the fries...there weren't very many of them to begin with. And the fires weren't all that crispy either. I don't know if they soaked up grease from the burger, or if they came out of the fryer that way. They weren't exactly soggy, but they were pliable enough that they were a PITA to eat. Too small to eat one at a time, and when grabbing a handful, it was just awkward trying to dip a clump of them into ketchup. I ended up wishing I had a fork.

The burger was good, I just felt it was too small for a burger having 4 patties, and too expensive for as few fries and how small the burger was. Otherwise tasted good. A little better than 5 Guys I guess? But 5 Guys kills them on fries, hands down.

The toppings were good. Tasted fresh. Burger patties seemed like the 'smashed' style, so kind of thin with crispy edges, but not dry. Good amount of cheese, and well melted.

I didn't try either the Sriracha Ketchup or Sriracha Mayo that was on the table. But took a pic for Lanx Lanx because us white people love putting Sriracha on everything, LOL



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81d 22h 52m
Both that guy and that restaurant are assholes.

I laughed when he said it was expensive at around 20 dollars per meal.
that really sounds like a troll, he went out of his way to spell noki phonetically

also, what kind of bitch doesn't get dessert?

and manager gave up way too easy and comp'd a meal, no manager is that much of a pussy when dealing with a fatty that finished his plate and refused to pay.

OU Ariakas

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47d 1h 15m
I'm intrigued by the impossible burger. My brother had it and said it was very good and close to a real burger in texture and taste. I've seen it a few restaurants and it's always pricier than a real burger. Pass.
I want to give it a shot as well. Starting to become much more widely available than even a year ago.
I am encouraged to take customers out to meals on the corporate dime every day so I am in the enviable position of getting to try this stuff because most things on a restaurant menu seem boring. That being said, I tried the impossible burger at Hop Doddy's burger chain which is a step above 5 Guys and touts their beer selections as a 'feature'. I thought it was great as a substitute for beef or turkey if you like texture of meat but do not like the richness. I was super skeptical going in but if they keep up the research they are going to nail it in a few years. I still prefer regular burgers but I like that they are not blowing smoke up people's asses by claiming it is close to real thing and then just getting some shitty Morningstar-esque patty on your burger.


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34d 19h 14m
Not only is that dude a cheap asshole, but you're an asshole if you eat the meal then refuse to pay.

He could've easily received his food and complained and not paid, but he ate it. Just like lardass in the other AITA post.
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84d 27m
Yeah I feel like the fat asshole restaurant story is fake, I mean I believe there are shitbags who would do that kind of shit but it seems to trollish. Also what kind of dipshit is going to claim a $20 entree is expensive. That’s Olive Garden level which is like a quarter step up from eating out of a dumpster.